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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Issues Surrounding Juvenile Crime We hope you have noticed and clicked on the ad for the movie "SIX" on the right side of TalkLeft....

"You're only dead if you're forgotten" -- Kenneth Poch GoogObits - "You're only dead if you're forgotten"

Political book network maps reveal deep divide Fascinating map of political book clusters. The researcher used Amazon's "Customers who bought this book also bought these books" service to draw links between books that were purchased together.
So, if you are working a 2004 political campaign what do you do with this information? Obviously you will not be successful in removing a reader from deep in one cluster and transplanting them into the other cluster. All you can do is focus on the edge nodes and the bridges. See someone reading Sleeping with the Devil? That is someone you can talk to about your candidate. If they are reading Bushwacked or Dereliction of Duty -- the most central books in each cluster -- then either give them a high-five or a sneer, you won't change their views.
Link(Thanks, Kevin!)

Google tutorial GoogleGuide is a pretty good tutorial on building good Google queries, covered by a Creative Commons license. Link (Thanks, Robert!)

Kiss education, healthcare and social security good-bye. Yes, the new Bush budget is here and you need to get ready for the consequences. I know that headline...

Kerry-Powell You read it here first. This ticket is easily the best the Democratic party could muster, and would be a...