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Saturday, October 25, 2003

A Letter Home from North Africa: 1942 After leaving where we were before we left ofr here, not knowing we were coming here from there, we couldn't tell whether we had arrived here or not. Nevertheless, we now are here and no there. The weather here is just as it always is at this season. The people here are just like they look. An Army at Dawn, Page 197...

Don't Diss The Mouse - Tuesday Morning Quarterback Benched Plastic::Media::Violence:Media: Gregg Easterbrook accuses Disney execs of forgetting their Jewish heritage when promoting Tarantino's ultraviolence, gets shitcanned.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Rumsfeld Rethinks The War On Terror Plastic::Politics::War: "Today, we lack metrics to know if we are winning or losing the global war on terror," US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said in a recent memo.

Leiter on the Socratic Method Check out Leiter's post...

David Gest Sues Liza Minnelli for $10M This one's for the "tawdry celebrity revelations" file: Producer David Gest sued Liza Minnelli for $10 million Tuesday, accusing his estranged wife of alcohol-fueled violence that caused neurological damage and headaches. Gest, 50, alleges in court papers that Minnelli, 57,...

"Durst's Trial as Bizarre as the Man" I've previously linked to news about the strange New York real estate heir who was found living disguised as a mute woman in a cheap apartment in Galveston, Texas. He's now on trial for murdering and dismembering a neighbor: At...

Today's New Blawg

Dispositive is written by a law student somewhere north of Manhattan [via], who ably identifies one of the high ironies of law school:

After you learn to determine the economic theory or public policy which the professor assures you lies just underneath the surface of every case (if you look just a little harder. . .), exams come. And exams only test you on the rules you stopped looking for because your professor didn't seem to think they were very soundly reasoned anyway.

As for making "the process more open and less shrouded in mystery" (see the end of that post), my sense is Dispositive's author is on the right track.

Reactionary Politics Matt Stoller of the Clark Sphere discusses reactionary politics in the Democratic and Republican Parties--based upon his experiences with the...

The human genome and the new eugenics "We are becoming the masters of our own DNA. But does that give us the right to decide that my children should never have been born?" John Sundman is a science fiction novelist and the father of two children with severe medical conditions. In this two-part article he shares his experiences and thoughts on bioethics, the Human Genome Project and whether genetics research is paving the way for a resurgent eugenics movement.

Render 1,000,000 trees in eight seconds SpeedTree is a graphic utility for generating realistic forestry in gaming and other contexts. It can render out 1,000,000 trees in 8 seconds on a home-grade PC. There's a (Windows-only) demo app that sounds pretty mindblowing. No love on my Mac, though.
The Valley shows off some AMAZING new capabilities, including bump mapping, self-shadowing, specular effects, new trees (check out the giant Sequoias), animated grass, a new trunk algorithm and more.
Link (via Terra Nova)

Aussie senators shout at Bush during Parliamentary visit Aussie Green Party senators shouted antiwar sentiments at GW Bush during a speech in the Australian Parliament. When they were ordered removed from the building, they sat down and refused to be budged. Link

Does That Cool Independent Record Store Down The Street Have A Future? In the rush of excitement that followed the explosion of music downloading in the wake of the original Napster and...

"Too Many Right-Wing Christians. Too Few Lions." War going badly? Re-election looking a little shaky? Let's scapegoat some minorities!