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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Bush rejects Saddam 9/11 link President Bush rules out Iraqi involvement in the attacks on the US, but says al-Qaeda and Saddam are linked.

US troops 'killed in Iraq attack' At least three US troops are killed after a convoy is attacked in Khaldiyah, west of Baghdad, reports say.

Wesley Clark Enters Race - Dem's Man On White Horse Or Late Arriving Road Kill? Plastic::Politics::Politics:Democrats: Clark's strong suit seems to be the perception that he is the candidate that can tell George W. Bush to 'Bring it on'.

Royal Institute of Philosophy Lecture Series RIP Lecture...

Medical Marijuana and the Powers of Congress...

Fun With Bush v. Gore: The 9th Circuit Moons the Supreme Court Dahlia Lithwick's latest Slate column has just been published here. (via How Appealing)...

Mary On The Music

bIPblog's Mary Hodder went to Music Wars, and has this report.

Report by Lawyers' Group on Post-9/11 Laws A new report by the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, titled ?Assessing the New Normal,? examines changes to U.S. law...

Terror War Wins There were two wins Wednesday in the War on Terror: A Senate subcommittee killed the Total Information Awareness Program (TIA)...

Another Bush Tall Tale "Mostly, we've been watching the president's rhetoric spring leaks in Iraq and Afghanistan. So perhaps we haven't paid enough attention to how many holes have popped open in his domestic socks. Joblessness that was supposed to be stanched by the Bush tax cuts. Urban food kitchens overwhelmed by the demand from people who are working but underemployed and end up out of money three weeks into the month. A domestic Peace Corps program (AmeriCorps) that is praised publicly by the president as admirable volunteerism but is being starved of money by the White House and congressional Republicans. But, still, you wouldn't think he would stiff children and their schooling. That's maybe the most disappointing thing this president has done here at home."

Looks like the "No Child Left Behind/'accountability is the true foundation of education reform'/Texas education miracle" is just another Texas tall tale.

Siiiiiid! What about the Farewell Drugs? A history of UK Punk Rock from 1976-79. "Featuring an A-Z of punk bands from Adam and The Ants to The Sex Pistols to X Ray Spex, fanzines, punk girls, rare record sleeves, audio clips, fashion, punk rock lyrics, interviews and loads of pictures." It's not all about the Sex Pistols.

Word Pirates: take back the language! David Weinberger and Dan Gillmor have launched a site, Word Pirates, where we can reposses the vocabulary that's been hijacked by politicans and marketers.
They're our words, dammit!

Marketers, politicians and other short-sighted, self-interested, sticky-fingered people have been stealing our words. Not only do they take them for commercial purposes, but they misuse them entirely. They're Word Pirates and we're going to take back what's rightfully ours. For instance...

For instance, the word "pirate" itself has been taken over by the Big Content companies. They mean "anyone who shares files." Real pirates murdered, raped and stole. They didn't share music, rightly or wrongly.


Dogging: UK sex-parties in parks, via SMS STDs are on the rise in the UK, a phenomenon that's blamed on "Dogging" -- the practice of organizing giant, secret sex-parties in public parks using newsgroups and SMS.
Legally, the issue of dogging is a grey area - "doggers" are committing no offence unless they are witnessed by a member of the public who can be defined as "outraged" in the eyes of the law.

Swiss miss the mark Even though much of the recent nanotechnology reporting out of Switzerland repeats, unchallenged, the same old misinformation put out by activists groups, I understand the reasons behind the new focus. I suppose it's the geek version of "if it bleeds, it leads."

Memphis Blues He was 26 years old, from Memphis Tennessee. September 17 he decided to drive 80 miles to hold 15 people hostage for pizza, sodas and his life. This is about all the info the authorities have as well, besides him being a member of al-Qaeda.