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Friday, September 12, 2003

Washington Man Slams Spammers For $250,000 Incensed at the volume of junk e-mail he got, a determined Redmond man last week won a record $250,000 judgment against two Ohio residents who broke a Washington law by deluging him with spam. Nigel Featherston, 57, spent $10,000...

Today's New Blawg

"I don't have kids or a life, but I do have tenure," writes UCLA law professor Stephen Bainbridge (more), in response to concerns about the 20 posts cranked out in his blog's first two days of existence. [Via the Volokh Conspiracy] If you're a lawyer or law student who has studied corporate law, odds are you're already familiar with Professor Bainbridge; it will be fantastic to come to know him more directly through his weblog. Professor Bainbridge blames his blog on Hugh Hewitt, who wants "less corp law, more politics;" I'll chime in with my own typical request for "more wine!" (And have you met Jeff Cooper?) It's great to see another law prof blog, welcome, and don't worry?you'll have a new dance partner before you know it.

The International Criminal Bar Considered The second session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, taking place...

More on Tommy Chong Getting 9 Months in Federal Prison for Selling Bongs Bump and Update: Did the feds threaten to prosecute Chong's wife or son if he didn't plead guilty? One of...

Fernando Pessoa Fernando Pessoa was a Portuguese poet and mastermind. He created and maintained several heteronyms who each had their own distinct writings, went on to lead interesting lives, and even interacted with each other. All in the public eye.

The truth about their existence was only discovered after the death of Pessoa and the subsequent discovery of a trunk containing writings from all of them.
For your edification.
Lexis-Nexis for the TV. Search your TV. TVEyes offers real-time searching of closed captioned television shows, and alerts you through email, IM and wireless messages. The consumer level only provides excerpts, but what a step towards making all sources of information searchable.

My heart yearns for this gadget.

William Gibson halts the blog BoingBoing reader Chris says, "William Gibson has 'unblogged' himself. He's going back to his day job, and he finds blogging overlaps with novel writing enough that it interferes." Link

Johnny Cash Johnny Cash is such a complete man. He is the prototypical all-American male. He out John Waynes John Wayne, is more rugged than Clint Eastwood, has more class than Frank Sinatra, makes Ronald Reagan look like a flag burner, cares for the downtrodden and exploited more than Michael Moore and is no less faithful than Billy Graham.

John Ritter outlived by Don Knotts It seems to be a day for guys named "John". John Ritter died last night. Son of Tex Ritter (who...

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Yahoo! News - Hitler's Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl Dies
-- Perc

Monday, September 08, 2003 Arts & Entertainment | All hail the ice queen: Bjork -- "As Bjork releases an extraordinary career retrospective, it's time to crown her as the most important pop musician of her generation."
-- Perc

Sunday, September 07, 2003 - Bush's address to the nation - Sep. 7, 2003
-- Perc
Bush: More Funds Needed for Iraq Mission

Ted Koppel on the dangers of the Patriot Act Ted Koppel on the dangers of the Patriot Act and the Victory Act. Yes, you missed Nightline the other night, but you can still catch Koppel's closing statement on Lisa Rein's Radar....

The offending 'Doonesbury' strip Our two local Sunday papers, the SF Chron and San Jose Merc, both carried today's "controversial" Doonesbury strip. (We get three Sunday papers. The NY Times, of course, is too serious to publish comics.) Dozens of papers apparently yanked the...

CDs Now Just $13 More Than The Kazaa File Plastic::Music::Money: A stroke of business genius, or just more proof that "sometimes cheaper isn't cheap enough"?

Say It Ain't So, Moe! - France Gets Its Own Shakespearean Controversy Plastic::Media::Conspiracy: Moli?re, France's pre-eminent comedic writer of the 17th Century, has been accused of being a fake. French reaction is, predictably, outrage.

Legal Theory Bookworm Introduction

Group Found Social Security Numbers of Attorney General, CIA Director for $26 From CNN: THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: If you think that only you and the government can obtain personal information like your Social...


On September 12 from 8-9 p.m. Eastern, 5-6 p.m. Pacific, TechTV will be airing a special broadcast entitled Music Wars: "musicians, lawyers, industry leaders, record executives, and representatives from groups including the RIAA and the Electronic Frontier Foundation will gather to battle it out at TechTV's studios in San Francisco." This is to be followed by a two hour audience q&a. Looks like one not to miss, and if possible (not for me) one to attend, so check it out.

U.S. Marijuana Party The U.S. Marijuana Party writes in that they now have chapters in 25 states. If your state doesn't have one,...

How the Drug War Causes Police Corruption We love this op-ed piece in today's Detroit News by Robert Sharpe blasting the drug war for contributing to police...

Sunday Reading We have a brief due tomorrow --here's our selection of choice Sunday reading: Atrios on the lack of minority anchors...

The Battle of Algiers -- Don't know why the NYTimes talked a TON today about the battle of Algiers, but here, a Metafilter post for your educational pleasure.

MDMA Study Botched A widely-reported study that showed recreational use of MDMA to cause Parkinson's diesase was found to be botched and has now been retracted. The results were not skewed, the margin of error wasn't miscalculated--the primates were given the wrong drug.

Science vs. Religion? Why do so many scientists believe in God? "Modern science did not emerge 400 years ago to challenge religion, the orthodoxy of the past 2,000 years. Generations of thinkers and experimenters and observers - often themselves churchmen - wanted to explain how God worked his wonders. Modern physics began with a desire to explain the clockwork of God's creation. Modern geology grew at least partly out of searches for evidence of Noah's flood. Modern biology owes much to the urge to marvel at the intricacy of Divine providence. But the scientists - a word coined only in 1833 - who hoped to find God somehow painted Him out of the picture... So although the debate did not start out as science versus religion, that is how many people now see it. Paradoxically, this is not how many scientists see it."

Koppel rips on PATRIOT Ted Koppel went gloriously mad on air last week, tearing apart the dread USA PATRIOT Act. Lisa Rein has the video and the transcript.
The men who drafted our constitution, who framed our civil rights and protected our various freedoms under the law would, I suspect, retch at some of the bone headed, self-serving, misinterpretations of their intentions that they so often use these days to undermine the very freedoms they pretend to safeguard. The miracle of American Law is not that it protects popular speech, or the privacy of the powerful, or the homes of the privileged, but rather, that the least among us, those with the fewest defenses thoses suspected of the worst crimes -- the most despised in our midst, are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

That remains as revolutionary a concept now as it was in the 1780s. It makes protecting the country against terrorism excruciatingly difficult, but we cannot arbitrarily suspend the rights of one catagory of suspects without endangering all the others.

Link Discuss (Thanks, Lisa!)

Perspective Whenever I feel my resolve or sense of clarity wavering regarding the war on terror - and it happens to...

Politicians, Partisans and Parasites Tucker Carlson's first book is a fresh and funny look at politics in the world of cable television.

The new information ecosystem Part 4: The nation-state vs. networks Siva Vaidhyanathan - openDemocracy -- This is an excellent series which questions, like I've been wondering, the likelihood that the internet will overpower heirarchies and barriers that keep information from reaching the hands of the people.
-- Perc
How to be radical? An interview with Todd Gitlin and George Monbiot Todd Gitlin George Monbiot - openDemocracy