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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Tune In To Hear More About the Mary Carey Interview Hear me talk about my Mary experience.
Dude.  And she went to high school at Pne Crest with some friends of mine.  What can I say?  Ft. Lauderdale produces quality.
Greatest figures of the 20th century The Right-Wing News website just polled some "right wing" bloggers, coming up with THIS LIST of the two dozen "greatest...

Mysticism, Reason and the Virgin (5 Letters) Mysticism, Reason and the VirginTo the Editor:.

A Separate Bill on Electric Grid Unlikely to Pass Congress is likely to keep plans to improve the power grid within a broader energy initiative that has been stalled.

Monday, August 18, 2003

Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Blackout The English version of Arab newspaper Dar Al Hayat says a communique has been received from Al Qaeda (the Abu...

Yes You Can Get Satisfaction The Rolling Stones for the first time are allowing their songs to be legally downloaded from the Internet. Partnering with...

The Shape Of Napster To Come

The New York Times ("It's Back. But Can the New Napster Survive?"):

At most, Napster's new agreements will produce a service similar to Rather than accept the tightest set of restrictions that music labels had to offer, chose to sell tracks for a range of prices, with varying degrees of access.

A result is that some songs move with iTunes-like ease, while others have as little mobility as Rapunzel.

Family of Brain-Damaged Boy Blames Walgreens For Methadone Error The family of a brain-damaged boy who received methadone instead of an anti-hyperactivity drug has asked for millions of dollars in sanctions against Walgreens. Attorneys for Joshua Dunbar made the request Friday, after a mistrial was declared when a...

Leiter on Intelligent Design

New Issue of Law and Philosophy