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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

The Book Of FSCK : Let me spell it out for you, Commie -- cool.
-- Perc
CAFFMONSTER! mst endure one more annoying interruption in posting. This should only be for the space of Thursday and Friday, but could go on as long as until Sunday. That is becase the people at my school will be re-mounting my school software onto the laptop, and they don't trust me enough to let me load it themselves. Totalitarians.
-- Perc
Russia’s future in balance: Putin versus Khodorkovsky? Charles Grant - openDemocracy
Public domain needs your copyright horror-stories! Have you had your creativity and expression crushed by intellecutal property law? Did you have a business, a work of art, a blog entry or some other form of endeavor that was squashed by the threat or reality of a trademark, copyright or patent suit?

Public Knowledge, Creative Commons, and The Center for the Study of the Public Domain are putting together a public-education campaign to disseminate IP law horror-stories to help people understand what the expansion of copyright and related doctrines has cost us all. They want your stories for the collection.

We'd like to hear stories from artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, librarians - or anyone with a personal story involving intellectual property law. Your stories are important because American copyright, trademark and patent law, grounded in Article I of the Constitution, are designed to promote individual creativity and innovation: we need to make sure they're functioning in this way.

Unfortunately, the recent expansion of intellectual property laws has had the opposite effect. New laws are discouraging creativity and innovation rather than encouraging it, and stifling other important values such as freedom of speech. Longer copyright terms, the end of copyright registration requirements, stronger trademark laws and the expansion of patent eligibility are some of the changes that have spurred this trend.

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Making the Grades, and the Films, Too Children armed with digital cameras and editing software are turning into classroom auteurs.

Paxil and Children Paxil and Children To the Editor:.

Paying To Play Industry spreads subpoenas and fear over music copying. When singer-songwriter John Hiatt performed with his band in Westbury, N.Y., this month, he did what every performer on a promotional tour does: He announced that his new CD was available in...

Jeb Bush Funds Prisons Instead of Education Florida Governor Jeb Bush gets a scolding today from the St. Petersberg Times for putting $60 million into new prisons...

Leiter on the Philosophical Gourmet

How an e-mail virus could cripple a nation ZDNet Aug 10 2003 8:15PM ET

Three charged in US missile sting A Briton and two others are charged over the alleged smuggling of a missile for use by terrorists.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

CAFFMONSTER! -- "Dear Madperc,
Why are there so many crappy intervals between your updates of Caffmonster?
Dear Cranky --
Madperc's beloved laptop kicked the dust last Friday. Time of Death: 2:34pm. Now she is using a moderately shitty new laptop with the worst resolution ever. She is still debating whether or not to pay the damned restocking fee at best buy today and pick out a computer that will suck less. She will be updating sporadically in the interval.
Also, she has to re-find all the great RSS links she had subscribed to.
Madpercolator Staff Member

Monday, August 11, 2003

The Clinton legacy and America Todd Gitlin - openDemocracy -- I don't understand why there has to be Clinton hate at all...
-- Perc