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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Sex, Drugs, and... Typography? Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black You might not think to make a movie about the life and times of a font, but someone did.

Ken Sands predicts you'll be blogging, too In the latest E&P, Ken Sands, head of new media at the Spokane Spokesman Review (where he has helped introduce several blogs), answers five questions on the subject of newspaper weblogs....

Schwarzenegger's masterful announcement I found myself thinking of Valentine Michael Smith in Stranger in a Strange Land setting up his martyrdom scene with perfect carnie timing, waiting for just the moment to turn the tip- getting maximum impact on the marks.

Caricatures and Shadows I'm thinking more about the concept behind discarding weblog archives. I've been re-reading some old posts, some nice and some not so nice. Those posts that are a year or two old aren't even recognizable. I've earned the sobriquet "Burningbird" honestly, as I've been nothing if not hot in much of my writing. Passionate, yes, and there's nothing wrong with passion. But there's also a lot of anger, and pettishness, and I cringe to see me in these words. If I wanted to grow my popularity, I would feed the fire because it is this that attracts the links, the comments, and the discussions. The more petulant the tone, the more vicious the words, the more noise and flurry of activity -- flies around shit. Played correctly, I could even become an A-lister someday, until I burn up and become nothing but a cinder, driving away all that's important. Lately, life intrudes and does so significantly, and I just don't want to feed the flames. Being passionate about causes, yes; more now than ever. Being passionate about truth, yes; the truth is threatened daily. But fighting with other webloggers -- the nit nitting, the pick, picking -- it's getting old....

Social Fisking: the new new thing Yes, it does sound naughty, but no, it doesn't require any lube or latex. Social Fisking (derived from: Fisk, Robert). Just learned this word tonight. Means: QuickTopic freestylin'. Posting an archived copy of an online news or commentary piece with links to QuickTopic discussion forums inserted throughout. This creates an interactive way for readers to break down the arguments/theses put forth in that story into bite-sized chunks so readers can debate, riff, and discuss the story as you might if you were sitting around a coffee table arguing over a print magazine among friends. On the pho list, Kevin Marks wrote:
Xeni Jardin wrote an article for Grammy magazine on compulsory licensing. I've fisked it using QuickTopic here. If you want to join in, please do here. [The word "fisking" is] a warblogger term by derivation - it means rebutting an article by interleaving quotation with refutation (or general ridicule). Robert Fisk's reports were prime targets, hence the name.
And pho co-founder John Parres opines:
At first glance, appears to be a clone of the graphics and text published at Grammy Magazine. But on closer examination it is obvious you have transformed some of the original works by interlacing QuickTopic links within the original so as to create a distinctively new page that fosters criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, AND research. Indeed, in determining fair use limitations on exclusive copy-rights TITLE 17 > CHAPTER 1 > Sec. 107., USA courts are required to consider many factors including (3) "...the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole..." That's pre-Internet old skool, of course.

Today, you reproduced an entire work in situ, yet it is mechanically transformed with encoded instructions (hyperlinks) at salient points that enable new capabilities for public criticism and comment as encouraged and desired by the fair use exemption set forth by the Courts and Affirmed by Congress. The maximalists will of course disagree. But those of us who cherish the Communions which arise from the sharing of ideas, commentary and debate intuitively know these exchanges inevitably illuminate Knowledge and Wisdom -- which as the art-deco Masons of 30 Rock etched like lightning in stone -- Shall be the Stability of Thy Times.


Dryzek and List on the Relationship between Public Choice Theory  Deliberative Democracy

More on Catholic Doctrine & Judicial Obligation I...

It Slices And Dices, But Doesn't Come Cheap And Has A Pesky Fruit Allergy

Our Practice Support Group here at the law firm is creating a database that includes user testimonials about our support applications. They asked me to give my $.02 about Real-Legal's Binder, something we use to help manage the record on appeal. As you can see, I'm a fan:

E-Transcript Binder is the most simultaneously intuitive and powerful transcript management application I have ever encountered, and I've used a bunch. It is smarter than any other program I've used about transcript importation and page and line numbering. Its use of headings from the transcripts themselves ("Cross Examination of Witness X") as navigation tools is as far as I know unmatched, and a huge time saver. It offers a variety of simple and more detailed search options, as well as a user-friendly, color-coded issue management system that makes it easy to achieve both semantic and chronological organization of issues across an entire case. It uses a variety of customizable yet readily comprehensible parameters for report generation. It works with a scroll mouse. It lets multiple users across the network work with a project in or out of the office and sync their work and comments up to the central server for common access. It allows for printing in condensed or full-sized formats. It is a whiz in the kitchen, and makes quite delicious french toast.

Binder's downsides are its pricing/licensing (PDF), and the fact it's Windows only. But then, perfection is a rare thing when it comes to these sorts of programs.

Transforming the Army It's going to be an interesting time watching General Schoomaker work through a plan to transform the Army. Here goes the first salvo in that "Pentagon War." IN ADVANCE OF Schoomaker's swearing-in last Friday, the Army's acting chief, Gen. John Keane who is himself retiring spoke with a list of three- and four-star generals, thanked them for their services and told them it was time to go. Sources say Keane first contacted half a dozen names, but by the end...

With Google News Alerts you get filtered stories that can be posted to a cateogry weblog via a "mail-to-weblog feature."  This in turn generates an RSS feed that can be subscribed to.  Simple.  This is going to be an ongoing thing.  Google slowly rolls out services they think they can control and end-users find ways to route around them.

Court Papers: Laptop computer used in millionaire's killing - Thu Aug 7, 03:25 am GMT
Europe Goes on Offensive in the Case of Microsoft - Thu Aug 7, 03:13 am GMT
Europe suffering from hottest summer in 150 years - Thu Aug 7, 04:11 am GMT
UPDATE: 11 more sentenced to death in Rwanda - Tue Aug 5, 03:55 am GMT
Five indicted in judicial investgation plead innocent - Thu Aug 7, 02:29 am GMT
Pa. Compliance With Megan's Law Probed - Thu Aug 7, 02:50 am GMT
Flag Controversy Flying High at Florida School - Tue Aug 5, 11:58 pm GMT

Amid Media Circus, Kobe In Court For 10 Minutes - Wed Aug 6, 10:47 pm GMT

Saw footage of this all over the TV yesterday.  Makes one think that Marc Cuban, however tactless the news needs him to be (for ratings' sakes), was right.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

If you love something, set it free as a PDF file. The Mutopia Project and the Choral Public Domain Library are repositories of public domain music in a variety of sheet music formats and sometimes MIDI performances.

Survey: Support for First Amendment Up AP story: Support for the First Amendment is on the rise and many Americans want more information about how the government is fighting the war on terrorism, a survey released Friday shows. The nationwide telephone poll of 1,000 adults found...

Lessons from my Bible college past The Republican Bush administration behaves like a cult, not least in the way in which it refuses to be self-critical.

New Papers on the Net Here is today's roundup:

Inmates vs. DNA Deadline In Florida, lawyers with the aid of law students are furiously battling a coming DNA testing deadline, after which they...

American Constitution Society Fights the Right Say hello to the The American Constitution Society Weblog. The ACS is a new organization that just had its first...

Rape Shield Laws Aren't Always Just Boston Globe Columnist Cathy Young expounds on rape-shield laws today, and is one of the first we've seen in recent...

Adrian Holovaty has custom RSS feeds.  Nice innovation.  As I begin to scale the number of RSS feeds I subscribe to, I am starting to think that I need multiple "news" pages.  One for general reading and others for filtered feeds (based on keywords) that will prevent me from missing critical information in the general page (it "flips" very quickly).

My custom feeds include the headline, full text and permalink from the 5 latest entries that include a word or phrase of your choosing. This lets you filter which content you get.  To access a custom feed, use the URL convention, where "filterstring" is the word or phrase you want to require in each entry... A few examples:

Newsweek.  Pros and Cons of Dean.   Good baseline coverage.  My question:  Can Dean provide us with the confidence in the future that Clinton manufactured with ease?  That confidence is essential for economic advancement in the face of rapid technological change.  Without it, people don't invest in the future and out economy stagnates.  Why?  The uncertainty and risk associated with rapid change is too great to overcome without it.  This restoration of confidence is the key to victory in the fall of 2004 and 2008.

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Court told child detainees will need ongoing therapy - Tue Aug 5, 04:14 am GMT
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So! Animates History Channel's Russia Land of the Tsars - Tue Aug 5, 02:21 am GMT
Drought, heat ravage harvests in Europe; additional aid is in short supply - Tue Aug 5, 02:26 am GMT
Bush exploring legal steps to define marriage as a union between man and woman - Fri Aug 1, 02:51 am GMT
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