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Friday, August 01, 2003

Politicians get Suspicious of the RIAA Senator Coleman questions tactics and methods of the RIAA.

Knowledge and Reality at Oxford From today

New Papers on the Net Here is today's roundup

The War Crimes Trials at Nuremberg-- and here is the site itself...
-- Perc

Law School to Post Nuremberg Trial Documents on Internet - Fri Aug 1, 02:33 am GMT

This is awesome.

Bush Wants Only Man-And-Woman Marriages - Thu Jul 31, 12:26 pm GMT
Poindexter to Go Amid Terror Market Flap - Fri Aug 1, 12:28 am GMT
Skinless bodies put on display - but only for media - Fri Aug 1, 02:32 am GMT
Israeli Settlements Threaten Mideast Process - Thu Jul 31, 02:05 pm GMT

Thursday, July 31, 2003

'The Search For Osama' 'The Search For Osama'. A long, well-researched article in the 'New Yorker' about the ongoing global manhunt for the leader of al Qaeda and the architect of the September 11 attacks.

Flash winning out over substance Mark Glaser in OJR: A report finds that many award-winning Web sites are impressing judges with flashy layout rather than with the quality of their reporting and editing....

Marketing Music Ad Age Magazine is reporting on how musicians are making money without CD sales.

Damn The Fuel Economy! Senate Says Americans Like Their Vehicles Larger, More Wasteful Plastic::Politics::Environment: The U.S. Senate delivered a sound defeat for environmentalists who had hoped that that body might provide a bit more backbone to the Environmental Protection Agency's and Transportation Department's Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.

Christopher Lydon interviews Doc Searls"Metablogger Doc Searls votes Liberal, bets Conservative, and in both dimensions picks Howard Dean to win the presidential campaign in 2004.  The hyperlinked underdogs are going to subvert the isolated overdogs every time," Doc forecast in our conversation this afternoon.  I was talking to some smart people this afternoon in Cambridge about just this very topic.  While I appreciate what Dean has been able to do with the Web, my gut is telling me that in five years, Karl Rove and the Republican political machine will turn this same collection of technologies into something to be feared (particularly if they lose to Howard Dean in 2004).  Doc is getting the same tingle I am.  Remember, all technology can be subverted, it is not an end in itself nor is it inherently good.  We have yet to see the real darkside of the Internet and it is my guess that this will be one of its aspects.

New Papers on the Net Here is today's roundup

The Bush Administration's Top 40 Lies Steve Perry of BushWars brings you the Bush Administration's Top 40 Lies about war and Terrorism. Civil Liberties watchdog Elaine...

U.S. Wins Fight to Keep Money from Gulf War POW's It's Bush vs. the Gulf War I POW's. Over $1 billion dollars.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

More Music And Media, In The Times

Both from today's Los Angeles Times business section:

John Healey, "Napster Service to Be Revived by Year-End"

"Napster 2.0 has been built from the ground up to reflect the values of the original Napster brand, which is really all about independence, innovation and consumer choice," [Roxio Chief Executive Chris] Gorog said.

He declined to disclose how much the new service would charge or what specific restrictions would be imposed on the songs it sold, which would be in an encrypted format from Microsoft to deter piracy. But he said the restrictions would be "very liberal, very easy to understand, and most importantly, they will be common throughout" ? unlike the patchwork found on the new downloadable music store from of Aliso Viejo.

Jube Shiver Jr., "Focus of Media Debate Turns to Congress"

Powell had already put together the votes to pass his agenda for relaxing media ownership rules. So, the strange-bedfellows alliance turned away from the agency and focused its attention elsewhere: If they couldn't stop the deregulation train from leaving the FCC, they might be able to derail it farther down the tracks, in the halls of Congress.

Last week, their strategy paid off.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Conservatism: resistance to change, simplistic black and white ethics, and the acceptance of inequality Conservatism: resistance to change, simplistic black and white ethics, and the acceptance of inequality. In what's sure to be considered a controversial paper by many, Berkeley psychologists analyze conservatives to see what makes them tick. The criticisms have already begun. [official press release here]

Em and Dre: Rhymin n Stealin? It looks as if maybe Dr. Dre and Eminem are not only geniuses, but guilty of the greatest form of...

Naturalist Ethics

CNN: Military Closing in on Saddam TIKRIT, Iraq (CNN) -- U.S. forces early Sunday raided three farm houses in Saddam Hussein's ancestral hometown of Tikrit where officials said intelligence indicated Saddam's security chief -- or possibly the deposed dictator himself -- had recently been. An official in Baghdad told CNN the security chief was not found at any of the locations and that no one was taken into custody. Another U.S. military source, this one in Tikrit itself, told CNN the raids were based on reliable...

ABA Journal:  Weblogs and lawyers.  Rory opines on this.  (BTW: Anyone have pointers to policy/caselaw on employee weblog publishing?)

"Christopher Wolf, a Washington, D.C., antitrust lawyer.... Although he knows of no law firm that has a policy on blogging, he thinks that will change, in part because the activity may detract from billable hours."  Right, don't share information for free, charge for it....

"When others from my firm go out and meet new people, oftentimes they?re met with the comment, ?Isn?t Howard Bashman with that firm?? " he says. How Appealing (Bashman's weblog) is not mentioned on Buchanan Ingersoll?s firm site, but Bashman is thinking about making the request.