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Saturday, July 26, 2003 - we are the & in copy & paste -- better still for free information for the people!
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Odyssey: Encouraging Dishonesty in Education Gene Wolfe declared "unfair" by snotty brats. Wolfe, a man who has given us some of the finest fantasy novels of the past three decades, was slated to teach writing at the Odyssey workshop. He graded the manuscripts with tough comments. But the students took this personally and complained to director Jeanne Cavelos. Wolfe, being the gentleman that he is, left the workshop. Here's a sample of one student's arrogance. Now if I had the opportunity of learning from a master and he told me that my shit stank, then I'd listen. Why have workshops and educational opportunities prioritized feeding this "I'm okay, you're okay" narcissism over developing talent?

This exercise in criticism and criticism of criticism will serve as a vicarious warning to me, wannabe writer, about bitching when supposedly stupider people get more praise than me.  These kids should try law school for a real humility intervention...

Synechism When I fell Trauma is a strange thing. Sometimes, a hurt is so intense that you lose consciousness. It happened...

112 Things I Hate About Vous Plastic::Etcetera::History: A reissued translation of a US Army manual on coping with the French occupation is a surprise hit - in France.

RIAA Shock and Awe: List of ISPs receiving subpoenas The EFF's Fred Von Lohmann provides this list of how many subpoenas have been delivered to which ISPs. Data is based on subpoenas that are currently available electronically from Washington, DC District Court, which Fred says is a few weeks behind in posting them, but you get the idea of the first 150 or so:
1 Bentley College
1 DePaul University
1 Loyola University Chicago
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1 Pacific Bell Internet
2 Adelphia Communications Corporation
2 Boston College
2 Earthlink, Inc.
4 Verizon Internet Services, Inc.
14 RCN Corporation
15 Time Warner Cable
21 Charter Communications
29 Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.
31 SBC
Discuss (via pho list)

Call for Papers: Values and Virtues: Aristotelianism in...

The Missing Pages of the 9/11 If you're interested in the sealed pages of the 9/11 report, and you should be as they contain information embarassing...

The Myth of False Memories The Sunday New York Times Magazine explores false memories and the controversy over the work of Susan Clancy, formerly with...

Court rules Internet registry could be liable in '' case - Sat Jul 26, 01:37 am GMT

Bush Nominates Conservatives As Judges - Sat Jul 26, 12:41 am GMT

Gotta love the Times for stating the obvious...

U.S. Bows to Britain, Australia on Military Trials - Thu Jul 24, 02:57 am GMT
Russia uses Soviet missiles from Ukraine to bolster defences - Sat Jul 26, 02:24 am GMT
U.S., EU seek farm trade deal - Sat Jul 26, 03:36 am GMT
Rebuilding Russia's global role - Sat Jul 26, 03:41 am GMT
Self-described Satanist sentenced to 48 years for rape - Sat Jul 26, 02:36 am GMT
Justice investigates Clear Channel tactics - Sat Jul 26, 02:38 am GMT
The BBC on Another Imperialist American War of Aggression - Thu Jul 24, 12:23 pm GMT
Key Lawmakers Spin Sept. 11 Report - Thu Jul 24, 11:29 pm GMT - It's Splitsville For Liza, Hubby -- So ends one of the strangest unions in entertainment history. I'm waiting for a tab report saying Gest was really a trans-woman. Look at his eyebrows. It's entirely possible!
-- Perc
Text of Pres. Bush and Prime Minister Abbas's Comments on the Middle East Peace Process - Fri Jul 25, 07:47 pm GMT

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Sex and Lucia (Unrated Spanish Edition) - $18.74

Sex and Lucia (Unrated Spanish Edition)
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This movie was substantially cool, despite being slightly confusing...  The male star is extremely appealing, I might add.
Uday & Qusay's death - a failure?! Uday & Qusay's death - a failure?! Salam Pax thinks the U.S. "wasted a chance to show Iraqis they really are doing something". Robert Fisk asked in yesterday's press conference "Surely, the possibility of the immense amount of information they could have given coalition forces" justified efforts to try to take them alive. The military had time, the element of surprise, special forces troops, and nonlethal weapons -- so why did they attack with rockets and TOW missiles? Where is Saddam? Could we have learned more about Iraq's WMD programs? Is it better for the Bush administration to not have some questions answered?

Bubble, bubble, who's got my bubble? And you thought real bubble wrap was fun this digital bubble wrap never runs out and is 17% more awesometacular! Manic mode turns that fun knob way up past 11. Hot damn.

A dangerous mind NY Times: House majority leader Tom DeLay will travel to the Middle East and take with him a message of grave doubt that the region is ready for a Palestinian state. DeLay, a former pest exterminator from Sugar Land, Texas,...

Video games as koans Wild Divine is a biofeedback-controlled video-game that teaches mastery of mental and physical processes:
To succeed in the game, according to Whitehouse, players have to learn certain principles, which basically require what he calls an 'allowing attitude'--a kind of passive will. [...] In biofeedback terms, the game is set up so that players might actually have to raise either their sweat gland activity or heart rate in order to get through one particular barrier, while moving into a more balanced, or even calmer, state to successfully navigate another area. [...] 'At some point in the game, if a player has learned how to control their internal states to a degree, they can have an internal shift--something akin to an 'aha' experience, where they just know how to do things.'
Link Discuss (via Interconnected)

TUCKER MAX RESPONDS TO FORMER MISS VERMONT DROPPINGS CHARGES Tucker Max responds to announcement that Katy Johnson voluntary dismissed her lawsuit against him. [PRWEB Jul 24, 2003]

Bush Credibility Gap Grows Calpundit also sends us to Josh Marshall who reports that the issue of the Bush administration's credibility is about to...

The Prejudicial Effect of Mug Shots Jonathan Shapiro, a onetime newspaper reporter and a former federal prosecutor in Washington and Los Angeles, writes an impressive op-ed...

Redskins, American Indians in Court Fight - Wed Jul 23, 10:57 pm GMT
Clinton: Bush Iraq Mistake Understandable - Wed Jul 23, 05:50 am GMT
Potential Candidates Scramble After Recall Announcement - Thu Jul 24, 03:19 am GMT
Media coverage of government dropped steadily over last two decades -- until Sept. 11 - Thu Jul 24, 12:47 am GMT
New Saddam Tape Airs On Middle Eastern TV - Wed Jul 23, 12:42 pm GMT

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Gutenberg Bible The Gutenberg Bible : the first book printed with movable type, is the one of the greatest treasures in the University of Texas's Ransom Center's collections. It was printed at Johann Gutenberg's shop in Mainz, Germany and completed in 1454 or 1455. The Center's Bible was acquired in 1978 and is one of only five complete examples in the United States. All 1,282 pages now available for viewing on the Ransom Center's Web site. Also check out the anatomy of a page.

Teenagers find the internet very difficult to use .... Teenagers find the internet a frustrating experience A survey in the north east of England finds that teenagers are increasingly being alienated in their online experience because they aren't being given the skillsets to cope with finding or using the information. Seems to be the old story of schools buying computers but the kids not being engaged enough on how to use them (which has been the case since I was stuck in front of an Acorn Archimedes fifteen years go). Here is a similar article from Australia which describes how their eductation system is coping with the issue.
Does each generation really have to evolve into such an obviously spoiled lot of brats?!  Little boogers should be happy they have the technology to access whatever information they want!
Key 'Influentials' Are Web Junkies Advertising Age: "Influentials" prefer the Internet to any other media for acquiring daily information, says a new study from WashingtonPost/Newsweek Interactive. Thanks to IWantMedia for the pointer....

Helvetica to Arial: I'm gonna git you, sucka Sweet timewaster: Ultimate celebrity typeface smackdown between sans-serif arch-rivals. Flash-based Helvetica vs. Arial fighting game. They had to make it sans serif so Times New Roman wouldn't bite Garamond's ear off again. Link, Discuss . (via Kottke; thanks, bing luke)

U.S. Places Limits on Troops' Criticism The troops in Iraq are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Administration and speaking out. They are also discovering the limits...

The Bloggy Politic

John Palfrey points to an interesting Boston Globe article on the impact of blogs on the current election cycle: "'Blogs' shake the political discourse." Rick Klau, in the article, discusses why voter trust and blogging may go hand in hand: "These are very honest opinions, and they're not poll-tested." Note that Rick puts his savvy where his mouth is, and has been helping the Dean campaign add features to its official blog.

But as Dave Winer and others have noted, while blogging candidates are exciting they are just part of the equation and it's the folks on the ground who may supply coverage and information about the 2004 U.S. elections the likes of which we've never experienced. Stop by Cameron Barrett's Watchblog: 2004, for example, for some multi-party, multi-editor immersion in the issues and candidates. [via Sabrina Pacifici]

John Robb: Interesting Sites I always try to follow what the smart people are reading. Subscribed. Sites you might be interested in. Nanodot: Slashdot for futurists, managed by Foresight. Smartmobs: group weblog (needs a redesign). Daily Rotation: filtered newsfeeds from tech sites, including weblogs. [John Robb's Weblog]...

Fashion victims turn Berlin prisoners' designer label into an online success story - Wed Jul 23, 02:33 am GMT
Michigan court won't hear 'Jenny Jones' case - Wed Jul 23, 01:10 am GMT
Boca law firm sued in clients shooting death - Wed Jul 23, 02:39 am GMT
Senators Grill Rumsfeld About Iraq - Thu Jul 10, 03:51 am GMT
Report Documents Abuse Under Patriot Act - Mon Jul 21, 05:44 pm GMT
FBI Informant Knew Two 9-11 Hijackers - Tue Jul 22, 11:47 am GMT
TV ads tell Hispanics to expect "nada" when credit checks go out - Wed Jul 23, 03:21 am GMT
Movie Firms to Run Ads Targeting Internet Pirates - Wed Jul 23, 03:31 am GMT
Tremor may have been aftershock of 1755 quake -- linked via the ever-entertaining Fark
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