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Friday, July 04, 2003

Giardini di MirĂ² - Given Ground -- simply an amazing little music video from the talented genius at FlipFlopFlyin. Watch. It won't take huge computer resources to enjoy.
God's Secretaries : The Making of the King James Bible - $17.47

God's Secretaries : The Making of the King James Bible
List Price:$24.95
Your Price:$17.47

Average Customer Rating: 3.57

Buy now!

432: Cosmic Key 432: Cosmic Key. 'A compendium of fact, theory and speculation relating to the number 432, and its primary divisors and multiples - 108, 216, 864, 1296; and also the number 9 - being the sum of digits 4+3+2; with excursions into many other mysterious and exotic phenomena. ' Good clean fun.

GORE'S "LIES" VS. BUSH'S. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. Salon's Eric Boehlert does yeoman's work...
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WHAT DOES BUSH HAVE TO HIDE? The Republicans, after all, do seem awfully intent on stuffing any investigation into what...
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Where have all the CDs gone? Sound and Vision magazine: Where Have All the CDs Gone? The record industry blames piracy and downloading for sagging sales -- here's the whole story....

Sites for writers Some sites for writers, co urtesy of Susan Mernit....

Let's Start a Fight! Bill O'Reilly and the Faux News Channel can't take what they dish out.

'Bring 'Em On!' Political Speech Or Pro-Wrestling Promo? Plastic::Politics::Politics:Dubya: 'Bring it on,' said Bush, only hours before another ten US troops were injured in a RPG attack. Red rag to an angry bull?
Nielsen ratings = campaign money from the kind of people who only understand speeches by the Rock and other entertainment ogres.
RIP, shopping malls CNN reports that shopping malls are failing, in favor of urban shopping districts and big-box stores. Good riddance.
The Winter Park Mall in Winter Park, Fla., was a classic case of a dying mall. The 400,000-square-foot mall was located in the heart of the city's downtown. But with all of its stores facing in and a huge parking lot surrounding it like a moat, it was completely isolated from the rest of the town. As the nearby downtown shopping district thrived, the mall failed.

In the late 1990s, a new owner, the city and local business started making plans to break up the mall. Several phases into its makeover, Winter Park Village, as it's now called, is not unlike its surrounding downtown, with apartments, restaurants, a fitness center, a movie theater, a supermarket, office space and, of course, retail.

Link Discuss (Thanks, Howard!)

U.S. Offers $25 Million For Saddam U.S. offers $25 million reward for Saddam. And one day after Bush's "bring 'em on" comment, it appears Iraq has done just that--8 more U.S. soldiers are injured in a blast Thursday morning.

John Kerry Favors Medical Marijuana John Kerry on medical marijauna Tuesday night : After the opening of his New Hampshire campaign headquarters last night, U.S....

Bloggers Gain Libel Protection Bloggers Gain Libel Protection
Wired News - The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last Tuesday that Web loggers, website operators and e-mail list editors can't be held responsible for libel for information they republish, extending crucial First Amendment protections to do-it-yourself online publishers.

Online free speech advocates praised the decision as a victory. The ruling effectively differentiates conventional news media, which can be sued relatively easily for libel, from certain forms of online communication such as moderated e-mail lists. One implication is that DIY publishers like bloggers cannot be sued as easily.

US punishes foes in fight over world criminal court US punishes foes in fight over world criminal court
The Globe and Mail, Canada - Washington The United States is suspending military aid to about 35 countries in a dispute over the new International Criminal Court.
On the US profile: the playground alpha-dog does not play well with others.
Accused Nazi Camp Guard Arrested in Mich. Accused Nazi Camp Guard Arrested in Mich.
ABC News - A Michigan man who authorities say worked as a concentration camp guard in Austria during World War II is in federal custody after eluding arrest for 16 years.

New York Supreme Court Judge Dismisses 'Bowie Bonds' Suit - Thu Jul 3, 07:34 pm GMT
Court Overturns Wal-Mart Union Ban - Thu Jul 3, 07:30 pm GMT
Russia's rich go west to spend their fortunes - Thu Jul 3, 04:30 pm GMT
Finnish police made Europe's biggest Rohypnol haul - Thu Jul 3, 04:36 pm GMT
Russia-Romania treaty to open new page in bilateral ties - Thu Jul 3, 04:43 pm GMT
Berlusconi's Nazi 'joke' sparks uproar in EU - Thu Jul 3, 04:52 pm GMT

R. Kelly Tour Gets Judicial Nod - Thu Jul 3, 05:13 pm GMT

He can really hit those high notes now that he's wearing that little-girl-proof chastisty clamp.

AP will wage legal battle against Karnataka over Krishna waters - Thu Jul 3, 06:03 pm GMT
Passengers lose legal bid to sue airlines over blood clots - Thu Jul 3, 05:53 pm GMT
No Return to Tyranny in Iraq - Tue Jul 1, 11:12 pm GMT

Anti-ageism plans welcomed - Wed Jul 2, 11:38 am GMT

Brits come up with weird titles for their political platforms...

Gephardt, Dean, Kerry Top Iowa Poll - Wed Jul 2, 10:28 pm GMT
Bush Exploring U.S. Peacekeeping Options in Liberia - Thu Jul 3, 03:45 am GMT
Competitive pop-up Internet ads deemed legal - Thu Jul 3, 03:53 pm GMT
INTERVIEW-Hamas leader sees Mideast ceasefire failing - Thu Jul 3, 02:51 pm GMT
Fresh violence mars Mideast peace - Thu Jul 3, 10:17 am GMT

Monday, June 30, 2003

Oblivio : Road : Calibration -- finally, with this google blog button, I can start hooking you on snippets of Oblivio.
Hip-Hop Intellectuals / A radical generation comes of age -- yea, I'll confess I snarked this link off of Fimoculous.
-- Perc
ClassicalPlus Classical Composers -- Rediscovery of a site I used to practically live off of 4 years ago, when I was a wee undergrad trying to learn arty-snobby things about composers to impress my more musically gifted friends.

Sunday, June 29, 2003

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School : Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy -- this is also awesome, in the keeping with my greedy little search for free texts this evening...
-- Perc
Constitution -- This site corresponds to the site I posted immediately below. I am sure it's been listed in Ernie The Attorney's blawg directory, and probably also Bag and Baggage. But I am just now discovering how much ass this site kicks in terms of interesting essays on relevant political issues.
-- Perc
Constitution Society Home Page -- I am trying to restrain myself from printing out all the free, important documents housed on this site... but one print cartridge is probably cheaper than the cost of each of these books. Contains a huge network of links to texts pertaining to political theory.
-- Perc
Having just linked in to see the results, I now happily conclude that Google is the best EVER. What they should do next is put a little RSS subscription list manager in this toolbar... then they could render the very promising (but $25-costing) NewzCrawler obsolete... until they come up with some nifty competitive edge.
I am testing out Google's new toolbar "blogthis" feature. At Caffmonster, we are always playing with new technologies in order to kick maximum ass, the caffeinated way!
Happy Sunday.