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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Pot Head Pot doesn't cause permanent brain damage? According to this University of California at San Diego study, no it doesn't even though other illegal drugs, even alcohol, can cause brain damage.

"...marijuana has only a marginally harmful long-term effect on learning and memory."
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There can be no more appropriate way for me to open up today's series of clips...
Gallery of Fluid Dynamics Gallery of Fluid Dynamics. 'One of the most attractive features of fluid mechanics is the beauty of the flows one encounters. Whether one is observing vortex streets, the potential flow around an airfoil or body, shock refraction or diffraction, or waves breaking on a beach the aesthetic appeal of fluid mechanics is impossible to deny. '
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Kazaa and Grokster Are So 2002 Between spyware, pop-up ads, mislabeledfiles, spoofed files, and now the threats of doom from the RIAA, people are looking to...

Paris photoblogger documents personal tragedy of forced evictions BoingBoing pal Jean-Luc in France writes:
Hello Xeni, today I was furious, and very moved, when I discovered this post from desordre blog in Paris (no permalink). On June 23rd, the French police suddenly tossed out families "without papers" who had been living in an old abandoned building for the past nine years in Paris. It was 6 AM. The pics show a man who prayed, also the abandoned luggages and the policemen (with 3 bus) that have totally closed the street. During the day, bricklayers came to seal up all the doors. The people there weren't delinquents... they just don't have their French papers for 10 years. Most of them are employed. Philippe De Jonckheere (a well-known blogger here in France) quickly shot pics and posted them in his photoblog. I also blogged about it this this morning, and I'm very upset by the facts behind the evictions.

Blawg takes clients' view of legal ethics On May 31, the day David Giacalone launched his Web log, ethicalEsq?, I was beginning a week in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I reviewed snorkeling sites, banana daiquiris and fresh grouper that week, but
[via LawSites]

RSS feed for law books LockerGnome has set up RSS feeds to track new products at Feeds range from baby gear to videogames, but for the singl
[via LawSites]

Report: Post 9/11 Immigrant Roundup Backfired The Migration Policy Institute, a non-partisan think tank, has issued a 165 page report that concludes the Bush Administration's Post-9/11 immigrant roundup backfired.

Save Americorps After 9/11, Bush pleaded with citizens to participate in public service. He promised funds for Americorps programs. Now he's renegged,...

Microsoft lands large Army software contract Microsoft lands large Army software contract
Forbes - Microsoft said on Wednesday that it clinched the largest single-deal contract ever for the world's No. 1 software maker, a $471 million pact to provide software for 494,000 personal computers to the U.S. Army.

The six-year deal, which also involved a software reseller called Softmart that will get a commission, marks not only a significant sales win for Microsoft, but also a key endorsement of its efforts to improve the security of its software, analysts said.


Computing: Google offers free popup ad blocker - Sat Jun 28, 03:32 pm GMT

In case you were wondering if Google's already great free services had any room for improvement...

Ashcroft Opponent Poised for Court Post - Sat Jun 28, 06:23 pm GMT
Aging Europe Finds Its Pension Is Running Out - Sat Jun 28, 04:27 pm GMT
Woman convicted of killing homeless man by leaving him in windshield, sentenced to 50 years - Sat Jun 28, 03:43 pm GMT
Bush Adds $5 Million to Campaign Coffers - Sat Jun 28, 05:37 am GMT
Sound and fury over the BBC - Sat Jun 28, 06:51 am GMT

Senators Laud Thurmond's Long Career - Sat Jun 28, 07:25 am GMT

This is currently the hot topic on the allstudents email list at my school right now.  Naturally, it is being argued by the "why would you laud a segregationist" camp vs. the "right is right" camp.  I am, uniquely, in the "why were you in office so friggen long after the decay of your faculties" camp.

Metro media: Serving or using the North East? - Sat Jun 28, 10:12 am GMT
South Africa: Artists And Journalists Put Heads Together for Cultural Development - Sat Jun 28, 11:43 am GMT
Rice Heads for Mideast for Gaza Talks - Sat Jun 28, 07:01 am GMT

Thursday, June 26, 2003

A new Blogger template for entering posts had materialized, making it possible for me to post regularly, again. So snappy. Thank you, people at Pyra and Google.
Ethics cost money Ethics cost money - The Los Angeles Times discusses the effect of Levi Strauss's ethical standards on their place in a competitive marketplace. Can a company succeed when they place their morals ahead of their money?
[via MetaFilter]

SCOTUS goes gay
Supreme Court wisely rules that you can't legislate morality and that privacy between consenting adults is a-ok as the Texas sodomy law (that applies to homosexuals only) is struck down. Ruling invalidates other remaining sodomy laws on the books. Dancing in the streets ensues. And as usual, Scalia gets to add his wisecracks in the dissent. [via SCOTUSblog]

160 Amazon RSS feeds Chris Pirillo points to 160 new Amazon RSS feeds....

Up all night, sleep all day! (thanks to my genes...) Well, it seems a partying mentality might be in the genes. Two new scientific reports claim that drug taking and...

Mapping Contemporary Capitalism


Metamute: Mapping Contemporary Capitalism (McC) is a long term software development project with the goal of creating a tool for collaborative mapping of power relations. The Software will enable groups to share their data, and then plot the interconnections between organisations, political entities, corporations, and individuals that constitute society.  See if you can get a copy of "Candidia Cruikshanks" little black book, could save you some time.

RIAA about to sue hundreds of uploaders, using DMCA A BoingBoing pal who asks to remain anonymous says that the RIAA has just announced that they will be filing lawsuits against hundreds of uploaders, using the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) to obtain names. They'll apparently begin filing the lawsuits in 8-10 weeks, according to announcements in a press conference held earlier today at 11 AM Eastern Time.
Update: the Washington Post now has a story here, and Ted Bridis of AP now has a story online here.
Update II: The RIAA has now posted an announcement here.


Neocons: scarier than Decepticons Sweet photoshoppery from Matt Jones, now available in Cafe Press tees and such. Link Discuss

Bush's Re-Election Support Drops To 50% A new CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll shows that Bush's re-election support has dropped to 50%. In a recent CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll,...

New Criminal Justice Bills Three new criminal justice bills have been introduced in Congress: S 1322 (Schumer, D-NY), to require states to make certain...

What Does A Quarter Million Get You These Days?

Enough to raise a child from birth to age 17 is one possible answer. A filter-free library is another. In the wake of yesterday's CIPA decision (PDF), Susan Hildreth (photo), city librarian for the city and county of San Francisco, has a quarter million fewer ways to take care of business: "San Francisco is ready to lose $250,000 to retain unfettered access." (The Sacramento Bee, "Libraries learn: No filters, no funds")

Ms. Hildreth also has been vocal about the Freedom to Read as threatened by the USA PATRIOT Act—the same that recently prompted Geoffrey Nunberg to remind us that "no one is more adept at [the acronym] game than legislators." ("Letter Perfect")

Dell, AT&T tout wireless Net access Dell, AT&T tout wireless Net access
CNET -Dell Computer customers will be able to connect to the Internet through AT&T's cellular networks under a new agreement between the two companies.

Supreme Court kills ban on gay sex Supreme Court kills ban on gay sex
Houston Chronicle, TX - The Supreme Court struck down Texas' ban on gay sex today, ruling that the arrest of two Houston-area men having sex in their bedroom was an unconstitutional violation of privacy.
The 6-3 ruling reverses course from a ruling 17 years ago that states could punish homosexuals for what such laws historically called deviant sex.


Court Limits Defamation Scope in Internet Case - Wed Jun 25, 02:54 pm GMT

A good read for anybody laboring through Con Law II, like me, right now.

Court's Internet ruling moot point for Iberia library - Wed Jun 25, 07:15 pm GMT
Supreme Court declines to reopen case of civilians killed in 1948 bomber crash - Wed Jun 25, 07:07 pm GMT
British ultimatum demands surrender of killers of six UK soldiers - Wed Jun 25, 04:05 pm GMT

Sweden Bans Alcohol Popsicles - Wed Jun 25, 04:07 pm GMT

It's good to see practical legislation still gets passed in the Nordic States...

U.S., EU to Hold Talks on Opening Aviation Markets... - Wed Jun 25, 04:36 pm GMT
Russia's Putin eyes second term in office - Wed Jun 25, 04:49 pm GMT
Taskforce looks at disaster law - Wed Jun 25, 04:55 pm GMT
GOP Aims for Dominance in '04 Race - Sun Jun 22, 03:09 am GMT
Dean to Formally Announce White House Run - Mon Jun 23, 02:29 pm GMT
A redneck from Yale Law School makes an argument for diversity. - Wed Jun 25, 05:51 pm GMT
Senate Kills Medicare Drug Benefits - Wed Jun 25, 03:26 am GMT

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Pets And Furniture You Like The Decoration? Thank The Goddam Dog. To what extent is the organization and decoration of your home dictated and orchestrated by your pet? And would you have it any other way, no matter how repressed you might be at the moment?
[via MetaFilter]

Media Silent on Gen. Clark's 9/11 Comments Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Friday 20 June 2003 Gen. says White House pushed Saddam link without evidence Sunday morning talk shows like ABC's This Week or Fox News Sunday often make news for days afterward. Since prominent government officials...

Texas Clemency Memos We wrote about Bush fave Albert Gonzales and his Texas Clemency Memos here. Just a reminder they are online here....

Scopolamine: The Newest Drug Scare Reuters reports that in Colombia, criminals are using the drug scopolamine to turn crime victims into zombies. Curious that the...

Church Sex Abuse Study to Proceed Church Sex Abuse Study to Proceed
Washington Post -  Roman Catholic bishops from California and several other states agreed today to provide information on the extent of child sexual abuse in the church after researchers promised to make "purely technical" changes in the way the data are collected, organizers of the study said.

Martin Wolf: The lesson of US currency union - Sun Jun 22, 08:24 pm GMT
Probe Finds IRS Workers Misuse Internet - Sun Jun 22, 12:14 am GMT
EU leaders back Balkan membership - Sun Jun 22, 03:50 pm GMT
Chief Justice Likely to Stay - Sun Jun 22, 04:27 pm GMT
New law forces companies to warn consumers of computer security holes - Sun Jun 22, 05:22 pm GMT
Bush's Swift Shift on Israel - Sat Jun 21, 04:43 am GMT

Bush Touts U.S. Progress on Iraq Security - Sat Jun 21, 08:21 pm GMT

Maybe I'm wrong... but didn't a lot of stuff just get blown up in Iraq very recently?  This is to criticize Bush, for refusing to recognize, not the men and women of our armed services.

Dave Barry: Media's credibility woes are just too crazy to make up - Sun Jun 22, 01:40 pm GMT
Hamas Official Says Mideast Peace Still Possible - Sun Jun 22, 03:33 pm GMT