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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

flemish renaissance manuscripts explore flemish art from the 15th century
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Alcohol Nyet! The Museum of Anti-Alcohol Posters from Russia's 80's anti-alcohol campaign
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The 8 business models of news sites First Monday looks at the eight business models of news Web sites....

Wal-Mart And The Death of American Culture Perhaps you've heard of the idea of inserting an open can of an alcoholic beverage into the butt of a chicken...

Amazing, World-Changing Discovery Is Probably Just Crap Anyway Plastic::SciTech::Medicine: Some potentially good news for 2.3 million adult Americans who suffer from bi-polar disease

Senator Hatch Introduces Bill to Burn People's Eyes Out The distinguished Gentleman from Utah is on a proverbial roll:
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) today introduced legislation authorizing the use of high-powered microwave lasers to burn out the eyes of non-paying viewers of copyrighted material. "If we could develop technology which just burned out the parts of their brains where the illegal memories are stored, that'd be fine with me--but we can burn their eyes out right now!" said Hatch, while introducing the Hatch/Hollywood Eyeball Evisceration Act.

Hatch's previous legislation authorizing the remote detonation of PCs used, or potentially used, or thought to have possibly been used, or potentially able to be used after some jumper cables and soldering, assuming a radically defective new security model, to access copyrighted material was defeated in the Senate on a 51-49 vote last week. "I understand why the Senate was hesitant to pass a bill that authorized the destruction of personal property," Hatch said. "But this doesn't destroy any property. It just turns your eye sockets into puddles of bubbling goo. Okay, you might get some melted eyeball on your shirt, but only if you panic. Keep your wits about you and you can get those eyeballs to dribble into your cupped hands."

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The Constitution is Not a Rough Draft: Defeat the VRA This should be getting more attention. Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ) have successfully pushed their proposed Victim's...

'Roe v. Wade' Plaintiff Seeks to Overturn Verdict We wonder how many dollars the radical right spent wooing Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade. McCorvey has...

Bush and Racial Profiling: Smoke and Mirrors Bush's new racial profiling policy sounds like a campaign move geared towards increasing his minority support. But it will only reach those who can't read between the lines.

Today Is Digital Democracy Day

At Internet Law 2003 (at Harvard's Program of Instruction for Lawyers), that is. Reading lists and pointers to the real-time blogging thus far, thoughtfully provided by Donna Wentworth and John Palfrey, are at that link.

Israel Hunts for Killers of 7-Year-Old Jewish Girl Israel Hunts for Killers of 7-Year-Old Jewish Girl
Voice of America - The Israeli army has launched a search to find the assailants who shot and killed a seven-year-old Israeli girl and wounded her five-year-old sister in an attack late Tuesday in central Israel.

Cosmetics Heir Found Cosmetics Heir Found
ABC News - Fugitive Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster is being held in Mexico, ABCNEWS has learned, ending a worldwide hunt that began when the 39-year-old convicted rapist jumped bail and fled during his trial in January.

Klan official sentenced for plot to blow up court offices - Wed Jun 18, 07:27 pm GMT
UK government to trial XML e-procurement system - Wed Jun 18, 04:41 pm GMT
Life sentence imposed in 1966 Texas racial killing - Wed Jun 18, 05:11 pm GMT
Bush Touts Economy, Security in N.J. Trip - Tue Jun 17, 01:42 am GMT
Cook questions Saddam threat - Tue Jun 17, 01:25 pm GMT
Democrats Missed Target: Economy - Wed Jun 18, 03:28 am GMT
Remaking the Middle East in America's image - Wed Jun 18, 06:46 pm GMT

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Is the NYT trying to torpedo its own credibility? Why was this changed to this? In an switch that's reminiscent of Fox News (remember how "DIA Had No Evidence of Chemical Weapons in Iraq Last September" became "DIA: Intelligence Report Supports WMD Claims"?) The New York Times removes the lede from their story, rewrites the headline, and walks away whistling quietly. (Via This Modern World and Different Strings.) [More Inside]
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Why Europe doesn't get the web European right of reply. The Council of Europe is drafting a proposal, "... that Internet news organizations, individual Web sites, moderated mailing lists and even Web logs (or 'blogs'), must offer a 'right of reply' to those who have been criticized by a person or organization." Considering that someone will have to pay for the storage and bandwidth required to host rebuttals, this seem the very antithesis of "free" speech and could get quite expensive.
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Directories of Blogs RSS Directory, from blogStreet, "contains a listing of 11,000+ RSS feeds of blogs, making it one of the largest directories...
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Functional and Productive Drug Users Senior Reason editor Jacob Sullum writes in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle about drug users who are productive, functional members of...

High Court Limits Government's Ability to Drug Mentally Ill Defendants The Supreme Court today sharply limited the Government's ability to drug mentally ill defendants in order to render them competent...

Big Bad Blawgroll Bonanza

Blawgs, blawgs, everywhere! Please welcome these new additions to the B&B blawgroll:


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Careful what you wish for. (I asked for blogging politicians; I got 'em!)


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  • David Giacalone is a retired attorney and mediator, and a prolific writer on client-centered legal ethics. There's a wealth of good stuff on his site. [via Ernie Svenson]

Blawgers At Large


Managing The Chaos

  • Al-Muhajabah writes The Niqabi Paralegal, on legal issues facing Muslims in the U.S. and other things. [via]


Excerpts From Supreme Court Drugging Case - Mon Jun 16, 07:09 pm GMT
EU sees war to stop WMDs only after exhausting diplomacy - Mon Jun 16, 04:29 pm GMT
EU Says War Last Resort for Finding WMDs - Mon Jun 16, 04:42 pm GMT
Thais to enact first terrorism law - Mon Jun 16, 05:39 pm GMT
Supreme Court upholds campaign finance rules in N.C. case - Mon Jun 16, 05:44 pm GMT
Bush Set to Start 2004 Fund-Raising - Sat Jun 14, 07:31 pm GMT
Senate Panel to Review Weapons Data - Mon Jun 16, 03:33 am GMT
Pizza company hires homeless to hold ads - Mon Jun 16, 05:22 pm GMT

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Mary, Queen of Scots Mary, Queen of Scots (warning: music) is one of British royalty's most adored and most reviled figures, putting her in the select company of arch-rival Elizabeth I (sigh: music again) and Charles I. (The latter is an Anglican saint, although not everybody is quite so enthused.) Wince at the description of her execution, read some poems about her--or, indeed, some of her own poems--or visit her grave in Westminster Abbey.
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Secrecy and deception meet information and communication With the wee hubbub that's going on at the moment in our government, it might be nice to take a step back and look at what this means for us Internet users (and more specifically, bloggers). When I pondered this for a moment, my mind drifted to that briefly bearded granola and silicon presidential hopeful of times long forgotten. Well, Al Gore may have invented the Internet (or, as he put it, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet"), but it is this man who has truly embraced the medium.

The greatest difference between this man and the cowboy currently shootin' from the hip in the Oval Office isn't about taxes. It's not about health care. And, yes, I contend it's not even about women's rights. The greatest difference between the Son of Bush and the flow of information. [More inside]
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German bombs killed the ghosts of Rotterdam. Or did they? One fine morning in December 2001, Petr and his son took their bicycles and embarked on a photo tour of psychic Rotterdam. The tally? Six tree spirits, two invisible entities, one grinning skull, one 'evil square', one sinister game of basketball, and a UFO.
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Damn Overachievers.
A valedictorian sues her schoolboard for trying to make her share the spotlight.
Chapter 4 - Censorship and Free Speech Today's section is on Censorship and Free Speech... and truthfully, it's mostly a re-hash of my earlier definition of censorship; after this has been posted for a bit I intend to remove that article and replace it with a pointer to this chapter.

However, this chapter has the advantage of putting the whole thing on much firmer theoretical ground, and it will be used as a foundation for quite a few other chapters.

I can say that in my opinion the next couple of weeks are pretty cool, though; in a way next week is when the fun really begins.

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Germany in the 1930's: The Easy Slide into Fascism "So, dear reader, examine the above descriptive passages from the Germany of the 1930s, when the Nazis were assuming full power, and see what lessons can be learned for our situation today."

Situation Normal, All Fixed Up

Howard's blog is both looking mahvelous with a new template, and, per usual, full of great information. This post on a special issue of Indian Country Today, all about "American Indian nations and American law," will be of particular interest to anyone doing work in that area. (Why "American Indian," not "Native American?" Here's an oft-cited answer, and an interview with Russell Means.)

Anti-American journalists and the museum looting that wasn't.

Anti-American journalists and the museum looting that wasn't.
Opinionjournal (Roger Kimball) - In the New York Times, Maureen Dowd skirled about coalition forces "guarding the Iraqi Oil Ministry building while hundreds of Iraqis ransacked and ran off with precious heirlooms and artifacts from a 7,000-year-old civilization." 

"it's nonsense. It isn't true. It's made up. It's bollocks." It wasn't the crazed Iraqi populace that denuded the museums but careful Iraqi curators, who spirited the swag away into vaults and secret storerooms before the war even began. "

European Union unveils draft constitution - Sat Jun 14, 03:36 pm GMT
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