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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Gregory Peck (1916-2003) Actor Gregory Peck, whose role as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) won him the Academy Award for Best Actor--and ranking earlier this month as "the greatest hero in 100 years of film history" by the American Film Institute--passed away at age 87.
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Is rip mix burn fair use? Mary at bIPlog (always a worthwhile read) points to Fiat Lucre's Willful Infringement and the 4-minute trailer for their movie about copyright. Just saw the trailer, and it's very cool (I never caught that particular Rip Mix Burn commercial --...

From newspaper's blacklist to bestseller list Miami Herald: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez, a reporter who quit the Los Angeles Times with a 3,400-word resignation letter, landed a $475,000 deal for a novel she wrote in six days at Starbucks. The Dirty Girls Social Club has landed on the...

Laci Peterson Media Coverage Cursor is all over the media's obsession with the Laci Peterson case today, even linking to one of our...

Getting More From Google Getting More From Google - Google is a triumph of high technology, supreme usability, and hacker chic. But you can make it work better by investing a little time to learn a few Google tricks.

EU condemns Cuba - Thu Jun 12, 04:27 pm GMT
US military face more hostility in Iraq as Spain announces postwar role - Thu Jun 12, 04:29 pm GMT
Castro Protests EU Decision With March - Thu Jun 12, 01:31 pm GMT


Pentagon brings unity to old and new Europe - Thu Jun 12, 04:44 pm GMT

Blair will shun WMD inquiry - Wed Jun 11, 01:01 pm GMT

Why can't he shun the sources that fed him the whole WMD story in the first place?  Or would that screw up UK/US diplomatic relations?

Broadcaster David Brinkley Dies at 82 - Thu Jun 12, 02:15 pm GMT
Mideast violence spirals: Israeli missiles kill 7 in Gaza - Thu Jun 12, 05:00 pm GMT

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Communism by Richard Pipes An educational, fascinating, precise, and devastating indictment of communism as an ideology and political platform. In less than 200 pages!

Kid-made graphic novels: "Boys are Sexxy" Jennifer Robbins is running a hilarious series on Jennville about picture-books she created when she was a girl. I love this. Anyone have links to other sites where adult bloggers/web artists are posting scanned copies of books they made as kids? Post them in the Discuss forum!
Jennifer says: "Boys Are Sexxy, Age 6: The traced outline of a man cutout found in the Sunday paper became the basis of this book. Notice that at 6 years old, I wasn't sure what happens on a date after getting into the car."
Update: Killer! BoingBoing reader and former child geek Kirk contributes The One-eyed, Six-toed, battery operated laser sloths, which he made in seventh grade.
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Ashcroft's Attitude Problem Richard Cohen writes Tuesday in the Washington Post of Ashcroft's Attitude Problem . Cohen argues that Ashcroft is more dangerous...

Student In Jail for Pot is Raped A 19 year old college student serving a four weekend sentence for pot was raped by his cellmate last weekend....

Hanged Man's Conviction Overturned A man hanged in Britain in 1950 has had his conviction quashed. Three London judges ruled the conviction "unsafe" becasue...

U.S. Wants Another U.N. Exemption from Global Court - Tue Jun 10, 06:18 pm GMT
Martha Stewart pal gets 7-year sentence - Tue Jun 10, 05:26 pm GMT
Senate Releases Transcripts of Secret McCarthy Hearings - Mon Jun 9, 06:07 pm GMT
Move to Recall Governor Grows - Tue Jun 10, 02:58 am GMT
Nuke Plant Attack Threatens NYC, Ads Say - Tue Jun 10, 05:41 pm GMT
Germany, France call for widening Mideast peace process - Tue Jun 10, 06:18 pm GMT

Monday, June 09, 2003

Rantastic! The rantacular Francis E Dec : "Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment policy made possible solely by Worldwide Computer God Frankenstein Controls. Especially lifelong constant threshold brainwash radio. Quiet and motionless, I can slightly hear it. Repeatedly this has saved my life on the streets. Four billion wordwide population, all living, have a Computer God Containment Policy brain bank brain, a real brain in the brain bank cities on the far side of the moon we never see. Primarily, based on your lifelong Frankenstein Radio Controls, especially your Eyesight TV, sight and sound recorded by your brain, your moon brain of the Computer God activates your Frankenstein threshold brainwash radio lifelong, inculcating conformist propaganda, even frightening you and mixing you up and the usual, "Don't worry about it." For your setbacks, mistakes, even when you receive deadly injuries. This is the Worldwide Computer God Secret Containment Policy." Ubuweb has many sounds. Sounds are good.
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Lianhuanhua Picture Stories from China Lianhuanhua Picture Stories from China - Chinese cartoons; and Ling Lung Women's Magazine, Shanghai 1931-37.
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Truth, Justice, and the Soviet Way Truth, Justice, and the Soviet Way What if baby Kal-El's spaceship had crashed on Earth 12 hours earlier, in the Ukraine instead of middle America? The new 3-issue comic book series Superman: Red Son envisions the Man of Steel as a good-hearted citizen of the USSR, helping to spread communism across the world. Wonder Woman is his girlfriend; Batman is an anti-Soviet terrorist; Lex Luthor becomes U.S. president. This alternate-universe jaunt is not just for fun: writer Mark Millar says it's a timely exploration of what happens when one all-powerful country anoints itself leader of the world.
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Clear Channel Purchases the FCC WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced today that it has agreed to be acquired by Clear Channel Communications (CCU) of San Antonio, Texas. In announcing the deal, FCC Chairman Michael Powell said "This transaction will greatly expedite...
Huh?!  Does this mean Dixie Chicks are going to be nationally banned now?
Fotolog: Where Art Meets T&A Wired News: An increasingly popular community blog devoted to photography is becoming a battleground. On one hand, serious photographers use Fotolog to display their work. On the other, Brazilian camgirls use it to show off their bodies....

Biopiracy: a new colonialism Interesting piece on how global Intellectual Property treaties are enabling a new kind of colonialism: Big Pharma companies headqaurtered in the industrialized world are "discovering" biotech building blocks in poor countries, patenting them, and using patents to screw the developing world out of the profits.
Bioprospection, or biopiracy, is not a futuristic scenario but a reality. In 1998 the U.S.-based Diversa Corporation signed a deal with the Mexican government to obtain access to the biodiversity of Chiapas. Also in Mexico, British company Nature Ltd. is exploring traditional Maya knowledge of medicinal plants with $2.5 million from the International Cooperative Biodiversity Group (ICBG), an American public-private consortium that includes the National Science Foundation and the Department of Agriculture.
Link Discuss (Thanks, Allan!)

SCHOLARS TO MEET ON SLAVERY REPARATIONS LITIGATION AGAINST BLUE-CHIP CORPORATIONS On Thursday, June 26, 2003, scholars will convene at the National Press Club, Holeman Lounge, from 12 noon-3 pm, at 529 14th Street NW, Washington D.C., for a discussion on landmark slavery reparations lawsuits filed by descendants of enslaved Africans against blue-chip corporations. The meeting is entitled: Should Corporate America Pay? [PRWEB Jun 9, 2003]
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Ashcroft's Wish List Ashcroft's role model appears to be J.Edgar Hoover rather than Bobby Kennedy. He has been shooting in the dark, and missed every shot, says Law Professor David Cole.

First Anniversary of Jose Padilla's Detention First Anniversary: Jose Padilla, an American citizen, has been branded an "enemy combatant" and imprisoned for 13 months, 12 of which have been in sensory deprivation, all because of one man, Defense Department Advisor Michael Mobbs, and his two page declaration containing hearsay "intelligence."

David Weinberger: Why Weblogs Matter

Blames Doc Searls for his always being referred to as "Doctor" David Weinberger. Why blogging matters? It really, really does matter. You can see it in the excitement level. Causes excitement at a level not seen since the beginning of the Internet. I'm not sure exactly why it's really important, but that's not going to stop me from talking about it.

Election of gay bishop could cause church rift Election of gay bishop could cause church rift
Atlanta Journal Constitution - The election of an openly gay bishop will widen the rift in the Episcopalian church over homosexuality, though the selection likely will be confirmed at the national General Convention, observers said Sunday.

Nine-Year-Old San Jose Girl Found Alive Two Days After Kidnapping Nine-Year-Old San Jose Girl Found Alive Two Days After Kidnapping
FOX News - SAN JOSE, Calif. ? A 9-year-old girl who was brazenly kidnapped from
her home last week walked into a convenience store late Sunday less than 30 miles away from her house and is giving police useful information on her abductor.


Instapundit links to an article out of Hong Kong, dated 17 October, 1998.   The paragraph that caught his attention, and mine is:

"One remarkable fact in the terrible history of famine is no substantial famine has ever occurred in a country with a democratic form government and a relatively free press. They have occurred in ancient kingdom and in contemporary authoritarian societies, in primitive tribal communities and in modern technocratic dictatorships, in colonial economies governed by imperialists and in newly independent countries run by despotic national leaders or by intolerant single parties. But famines have never afflicted any country that is independent, holds regular elections, has opposition parties and permits newspapers to question the wisdom of government policies. "

It seems so simple to those of us who truly understand democracy.  It is very hard to believe that the simplicity escapes the arabs of the middle east, or the Mullas of Pakistan.  True democracy, and freedom of the press, for the sake of the people, and by extention for the health and welfare of the current rulers.

Girl Scouts to create Web site for online troop - Mon Jun 9, 04:27 pm GMT
Poles celebrate 'yes' vote to join EU - Mon Jun 9, 04:30 pm GMT
Britain Not Ready for Euro, Government Says - Mon Jun 9, 04:37 pm GMT
Supreme Court evenly split in Agent Orange case - Mon Jun 9, 04:25 pm GMT
PM regret on war dossier - Sun Jun 8, 12:47 am GMT

Deficits and Dysfunction -- required reading for Republicans, Democrats, and anybody else who still claims to have faith in a two-party system...  Aparently, we're voting ourselves into poverty and still serving the interests of the very rich...

New York Times Magazine Article

Kerry: Bush Tax Plan Irks Conservatives - Sun Jun 8, 08:59 am GMT
GOP Lessons Tap Latino Trend - Mon Jun 9, 02:30 am GMT

Cuban journalists persevere despite crackdown - Mon Jun 9, 04:16 pm GMT

Consider this type of newsitem next time you read about Rober DeNiro, Bono, or some other media idiot lets it slip that they vacation in Cuba.

New ammo in the war over media bias - Mon Jun 9, 04:17 pm GMT
Hillary starts media blitz for memoirs - Mon Jun 9, 04:24 pm GMT
Newspaper chiefs honor Belarus journalists, abhor state crackdowns - Mon Jun 9, 05:37 pm GMT
Clashes kill 10 in Mideast - Mon Jun 9, 11:05 am GMT
Bush Optimistic on Middle East Peace Prospects - Mon Jun 9, 04:43 pm GMT