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Friday, May 23, 2003

Gee, Dad, you're creeping me out! Christian sex ed recordings from the 1940's are delightful - a few choice tracks pulled in mp3 format. I expect to hear some of these lines sampled into techno tracks and pronto.
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'I Hate You 'Cause I'm Lonely': A Violent Revolt Against The New Plastic::Politics::Terrorism: Modernism begetting alienation begetting violence?

Nursing shortage driving hospital WiFi adoption Various hospital-chains are installing WiFi phones that can also do wireless data comms to enable their nursing staffs to be in many places at once without running their asses off. The impetus for this tech-adoption is a national nursing-shortage, which is increasing hospital administrators' willingness to try out new gadgets.
Most hospitals have relied on desktop phone systems. "Let's say they got a page," said Jeff Lett, senior director of technical operations at Tenet Healthcare. "They had to interrupt their rounds, rip off the blood-pressure cuff, and run to phone--or continue on and make the doctor livid."

When Tenet Healthcare asked nurses what would make life easier, "the nurses came back and said wireless phones," Lett said.

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Yale Law School bombing update Yale Law School has announced that, although the Law School building remains closed, faculty and staff who have already been interviewed by the FBI can retrieve materials from their offices if accompanied by a police escort. A final decision about the location of the Yale Law School Commencement Weekend activities, including the location of the YLS Commencement Ceremony itself on Monday, May 26, will be made Saturday afternoon.

Bipartisan Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana Introduced in Congress From NORML: Republicans Ron Paul (TX) and Dana Rohrabacher (CA), along with Democrats Barney Frank (MA), Janice Schakowsky (IL) and...

Court: Neglect Laws Don't Apply to Fetus An appellate court in Colorado has ruled that Neglect Laws Don't Apply to Fetus: "There are no remedies in the...

The Silencing of Dissent on Graduation Day Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Chris Hedges talks about the Rockford College graduation address that got him booed off stage.
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Plagiarism isn't all bad, Judge Richard A. Posner contends Plagiarism isn't all bad, Judge Richard A. Posner contends. Plagiarism isn't all bad, Judge Richard A. Posner contends: In Sunday's edition of Newsday, Seventh Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner had an op-ed entitled "The Truth About Plagiarism: It's usually a minor offense and can have social value. [How Appealing]

Court: Neglect Laws Don't Apply to Fetus - Fri May 23, 02:55 pm GMT
U.S. Appeals Court allows religious fliers in schools - Fri May 23, 05:04 pm GMT
GM foods: is Bush right to criticise Europe? - Fri May 23, 03:24 pm GMT
Euro Regains Birth Weight, Heads to All-Time High - Fri May 23, 02:59 pm GMT
Russia staging Pop Idol for prisoners - Fri May 23, 03:52 pm GMT
Md. law eases penalties for medicinal pot - Fri May 23, 04:39 pm GMT
Suspect in Maine poisonings acted alone, lawyer says - Fri May 23, 04:32 pm GMT

Bush Lashes Out at Europe - Thu May 22, 03:13 am GMT

Whiny voice: "I hate you guys for having a better currency than mine! And for talking so many silly sounding languages!  And for wanting Iraq's oil as bad as we do!"

New asylum claims down 32% - Thu May 22, 11:41 am GMT
Boyfriend Held in Ex-Time Reporter's Death - Fri May 23, 01:39 pm GMT
Ohio Supreme Court justice wants $15 million from Times, reporter - Fri May 23, 04:21 pm GMT

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Golem How to create a golem. (No, not him.) The method for creating golems is said to come from a Kabbalistic text, the Sepher Yetzirah. I've always wanted one of these, but "purity of purpose" might be a problem. [First link via The Cartoonist.]
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Spanish Hybrid A music service that launched yesterday offers "universal" selection of P2P with claims to legitimacy: A new all-you-can-eat music download...

US Blocks Canadian Beef Due to Mad Cow US Blocks Canadian Beef Due to Mad Cow
Newsday - Federal health officials are moving quickly to ensure the safety of
the US food supply after the discovery of a Canadian cow with mad cow disease.

EU urges spending cuts despite recession worries - Wed May 21, 03:11 pm GMT
EU: Germany Will Avoid Euro Penalty - Wed May 21, 03:55 pm GMT
Mass. Bar offers free legal advice - Tue May 20, 04:32 pm GMT
NEW YORK TIMES reporter Chris Hedges booed off stage at Rockford College graduation after antiwar sp - Tue May 20, 03:59 pm GMT
Reporters Without Borders - ISRAEL - Outrage over beating of two Palestinian journalists by Israeli - Tue May 20, 04:25 pm GMT
Bush Phones Abbas Trying to Salvage Mideast Plan - Tue May 20, 04:36 pm GMT

Monday, May 19, 2003

The Philosophy of Food Open Democracy: Anticapitalists Of The World, Left And Right, Unite? Open Democracy is a very interesting project which proposes to discuss - and open to discussion - the great issues of our day. While mostly socialist and liberal - with some new anarchism intelligently thrown in - it refreshingly makes space for conservative philosopher and polemicist Roger Scruton's reflections on the political and social consequences of how we eat. Despite a vaguely anticapitalist bias, so far as I can see, Open Democracy seems to be intellectually wide open. I've been a subscriber for a while now (it's free, btw) and it's that old-fashioned thing: it makes you think. Do consider adding it to your usual peregrinations. [I'll resist the temptation of pointing to favourite essays and debates - it really is worth exploring one one's own. Jacknose was the first to refer to Open Democracy on MeFi, back in December 2001.]
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Reloaded with Drugs Scott Weiland seems to be popular suddenly.

The End Of An Ari Plastic::Media::Politics: White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer has announced his resignation from the position to enter the private sector.
I say good.  Because he really sucked.  Really.
"Popdex game" beta launch: bet on the rise and fall of linked memes "The Popdex Game" just went into beta release, according to PopDex founder Shanti Bradford. Your objective: pick links that you believe will increase in popularity the most in the next 48 hours. Read the complete rules and learn how scoring works here. Link to game homepage, Discuss, (Thanks, Susannah!)

Wrongfully Convicted in Florida? Here's a Hundred Bucks What do the wrongfully convicted get in Florida after being exonerated? Would you believe $100.00 and a bus ticket? Freddie...

Afganistan: The Return of the Poppy Fields Don't miss Mother Jones today and The Return of the Poppy Fields in Afganistan With America's attention elsewhere, the reconstruction...

Napster reborn! Roxio buys PressPlay Napster reborn! Roxio buys PressPlay
The Register - Roxio is to relaunch Napster, on the back of today's $39m cash and stock acquisition of PressPlay, the download music service, from Sony and Universal Music.
The company is the proud owner of the Napster name and P2P file trading technology, acquired for $5m last November. But from the sound of it, there won't be much in the way of file trading, legal or otherwise: Roxio is to use the Napster brand, overseeing an "enhanced" PressPlay technology platform.
How ironic: take a pioneer in music sharing programs and rebuild it into an imitation itunes, where people have to pay to download.
Enron Big Fish Will Skip Court Date - Mon May 19, 05:03 pm GMT
Euro Moves Closer to High Against Dollar - Mon May 19, 03:54 pm GMT
EU mergers and takeovers (updated May 19) - Mon May 19, 03:57 pm GMT
Bill would give fetus legal rights - Mon May 19, 04:56 pm GMT
Supreme Court Takes Up State Funding Of Religious Education - Mon May 19, 05:02 pm GMT
President Bush's Campaign Team - Sat May 17, 03:56 pm GMT
Ireland Set to Restrict Ads for Alcohol - Mon May 19, 02:34 pm GMT

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Marijuana possession law 'erased' Marijuana possession law 'erased' Possessing less than 30 grams of marijuana is no longer against the law in Ontario, a Windsor judge says in a ruling released yesterday that compounds the chaos over Canada's pot laws. And it's a long weekend too. (btw, Ontario is a province in Canada that includes Toronto).
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The dullest blog in the world The NY Times profiles a British blogger who writes the dullest blog in the world. I guess irony isn't dead....

The Matrix Reloaded Reviews and News, From Every Flipping Angle People, spread the news - we have become Matrix Reloaded headquarters with multiple reviews and news of the new film...

Qu'est-ce que c'est, le Matrix? French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin is Agent Smith from the Matrix movies.

World Stands Impotent Before Pending African Massacre Plastic::Work::Disaster: "Shit that goes on [in the Congo] makes Saddam Hussein look like Jimmy Carter" +#8212; captainebo

Is Chretien Allowing The Canadian Pot Liberalization To Go Up In Smoke? Plastic::Politics::Drugs: Canada's decriminalization plan may be off the table due to U.S. pressure.

Stupid conservative losers clearly do not want to start laying off their troops of drug-control personnel.  Menawhile, the Bush twin-daughters were sighted smoking up with Ashton Kutchner not too long ago...

Bush's Professional Image Keepers The White House uses television and technology to promote Bush's presidential image --we can't help but wonder who pays for...

Ashcroft Tries to Quash Alien Tort Claims Act Human Rights Watch' has a recent report about an attempt by Ashcroft's Justice Department to effectively quash the 1789 Alien Torts Claim Act.

Quick-thinking mom thwarts online suicide attempt - Sun May 18, 03:42 pm GMT
Germany halts 30 tonnes of chemicals bound for N.Korea - Sun May 18, 03:43 pm GMT
PG&E wins legal victory - Sun May 18, 03:39 pm GMT
Opposition parties condemn budget - Fri May 16, 05:29 am GMT
Senate Narrowly Passes $350 Billion Tax Cut - Fri May 16, 05:59 am GMT
Jeffords Denounces Attack on Dean - Sun May 18, 03:36 pm GMT
Dominican Republic politics: Government seizes part of media - Sun May 18, 03:43 pm GMT
A new brand of journalism is taking root in South Korea - Sun May 18, 10:18 am GMT