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Friday, May 16, 2003

This Story Does Not Exist, We Are Not Controlling You Plastic::Politics::Conspiracy: What separates an honest-to-goodness conspiracy hatched by sinister figures in smoky back rooms from Council on Foreign Relations-style groupthink? Maybe everyone just wants to be like Bernstein and Woodward.

So, Neo...What Is Offensive? Plastic::FilmTV::Dumb: 'Don't fire until you see the whites of their... skin?'

Homeland Security dogs sicced on Texas Dems The Office of Homeland Security is loaning resources to the Texas legislature to track down Democratic lawmakers who walked out of the legislature.
According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, the department's Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that one of its agencies - the Air and Marine Interdiction Coordination Center based in Riverside, Calif. - had assisted Texas law enforcers in trying to locate a small plane owned by Rep. Peter Laney, the former Democratic speaker of the state House of Representatives.
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Marijuana Compound Effective in Treating Tourette's Syndrome Received from NORML: A primary compound in marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is effective in reducing "tics" in patients suffering from Tourette's...

Flurrious Blawging

This batch comes to us from the Blawg Ring:

  • Soon to be second year law student Bekah of Mixtape Marathon just finished exams and seems to have some interesting transcendental traits such as channeling the consciences of law professors and shifting Chinese animal signs at will.

  • Meg of babybluebubbles is pursuing her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Hong Kong and has the photos (and surgical mask) to prove it.

  • Justin's background is in politics, policy and economics, and he'll return to law school this fall after having taken a break for, y'know, life.

  • Luke's a law student at Deakin University. (From the "learn something new every day" department: .tk is the domain for Tokelau.)

  • Rich Zmijewski is cramming for the LSAT on June 9, but that didn't keep him from catching Matrix Reloaded last night.

  • Timothy Sandefur of the Pacific Legal Foundation is an Objectivist but not a Randian. (Just so we're clear.)

  • Daniel Goldberg is a law clerk for a judge in Austin, Texas, and enjoys light reading and writing on the subjects of "health policy, medical ethics, philosophy of science, hermeneutics, Kafka, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein." (He's more proof too of the strange but strong correlation between fans of hermeneutics and fans of Buffy.)

  • Bart at The Limits of its Logic analyzes legal decisions, commentary, and issues. (And since he arranged that list using a serial comma, I have followed suit.)

  • The Ambulance Chaser recently finished 1L exams.

  • Aaron at Spicy Sashimi also is a law student somewhere in the wide world.

And yet more to come...

Supreme Court to hear autism case - Thu May 15, 05:08 pm GMT
Reporters Ask Court To Let Them Hear Wiretaps Of Peterson Calls - Thu May 15, 03:54 pm GMT

Russia Wants Iran to Sign Nuclear Pact - Thu May 15, 03:18 pm GMT
California Lawyer Drops Anti-Oreo Lawsuit - Thu May 15, 03:19 pm GMT
Lawmakers: Saudi Attack Was Hard to Stop - Thu May 15, 10:27 am GMT

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

A Treasury of Victorian Murder Professor Wilson was the one who taught me Victorian Literature. He was quite good at it too. Of course, you...

Money Can Buy You Piece Of Mind Plastic::SciTech::Medicine: A report from Britain's Inspector of Anatomy reveals that thousands of brains were removed during autopsies and sold, without the knowledge of the deceaseds' relatives.

Jim Crow Revived in Cyberspace Today, there is a new and real threat to minority voters, this time from cyberspace: computerized purges of voter rolls.
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Google news goes local - Tue May 13, 02:49 pm GMT
New York Health Care's BioBalance Subsidiary Announces the Launch of Its Innovative Website Tuesday, - Tue May 13, 03:58 pm GMT
EU Court Rules Against Two Governments - Tue May 13, 01:42 pm GMT
Philip Morris wants Illinois Supreme Court to hear appeal - Tue May 13, 03:44 pm GMT
Gables law firm reaches settlement in Sarasota crash - Tue May 13, 04:18 pm GMT
Lawyer: Alleged U.K. Spy Was Never Mole - Tue May 13, 04:13 pm GMT
Bush Vows 'Justice' for Saudi Bombings - Tue May 13, 04:50 pm GMT
Bush Blunts 'Fairness Question' on Taxes - Tue May 13, 03:18 am GMT
I've been waiting to post a link that says "Bush blunts."

Monday, May 12, 2003

Lots of stuff on the Times' apology for the sham-reporter. Analyses of its cultural significance are only beginning to blossom, and probably shall bloom for some time to come.
My other exciting announcement is that there will be a blossoming (hopefully) of human rights posts coming in the near future (starting tomorrow-ish) due to my new cool research job.

facism definined The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism.
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Jimi Hendrix's Bassist Dead At Age 57 Noel Redding, Jimi Hendrix's bassist for much of the legendary guitarist's career in the late 1960s, is dead at age 57.

The Gray Lady Is A Tramp Plastic::Media::New York Times: The New York Times has fired Jayson Blair for a rather amazing litany of errors and fabrications.

Is cyberspace a place? Check out this fascinating, long (117-page!) academic paper on fallout from treating (or not treating) cyberspace as a place. It's fascinating stuff -- especially relevant is the section toward the end dealing with acceptable use policies and terms of service.
Cyberspace was once thought to be the modern equivalent of the Western Frontier, a place, where land was free for the taking, where explorers could roam, and communities could form with their own rules. It was an endless expanse of space: open, free, replete with possibility. This is true no longer. This Article argues that we are enclosing cyberspace, and imposing private property conceptions upon it. As a result, we are creating a digital anti-commons where sub-optimal uses of Internet resources is going to be the norm.
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Pynchon on Orwell Thomas Pynchon introduces a new edition of 1984:
Prophecy and prediction are not quite the same, and it would ill serve writer and reader alike to confuse them in Orwell's case. There is a game some critics like to play in which one makes lists of what Orwell did and didn't "get right". Looking around us at the present moment in the US, for example, we note the popularity of helicopters as a resource of "law enforcement," familiar to us from countless televised "crime dramas," themselves forms of social control - and for that matter at the ubiquity of television itself. The two-way telescreen bears a close enough resemblance to flat plasma screens linked to "interactive" cable systems, circa 2003. News is whatever the government says it is, surveillance of ordinary citizens has entered the mainstream of police activity, reasonable search and seizure is a joke. And so forth. "Wow, the government has turned into Big Brother, just like Orwell predicted! Something, huh?" "Orwellian, dude!"
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Bush Budget Has Billions for Nuclear Weapons Building The Bush Budget includes billions of dollars to refurbish and enhance our nuclear weapons facilities and capabilities. It appears we are about to get back into the nuclear bomb business big time. Congress has been debating the proposals, and committees resume meeting this week.
Big, imaginary billions billowing from the flag pole at the top of the giant dome that covers the entire country. That dome that Reagan built with all the billions we had back then.
Scalia on the Patriot Act Justice Scalia on the Patriot Act: "U.S. citizens tend to interpret the Constitution as giving them more power than the document provides."

Summer Reading for the Activist in You Jonathan Schell on nonviolent people power, Chris Hedges on war addiction and a collection documenting the American prison gulag would be welcome additions to any book bag.
[via AlterNet]

Wife arrested in aroma assault Wife arrested in aroma assault
CNN - A woman was arrested for dousing herself with perfume, spraying the house with bug killer and disinfectant, and burning scented candles in an attempt to seriously injure her chemically sensitive husband, prosecutors said.
Police charged Lynda Taylor, 36, with aggravated battery Thursday.

Micky Moore: Disney to finance new 911 Documentary

Micky Moore: Disney to finance new 911 Documentary
Drudge Report - The WALT DISNEY CO. is set to spend millions financing a new explosive Bush-bashing documentary from Michael Moore [BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE] -- a documentary which claims bin Laden was greatly enriched by the Bush family!
DISNEY, via subsidiary MIRAMAX, has agreed to cover the production costs, said to be in the millions, of Moore's planned FAHRENHEIT 911.

Gibson drops project, Miramax picks up 'Fahrenheit 911' - WorldNetDaily

Not posted before a "yeah, right" escaped these lips.
France: US postwar Iraq plan is 'starting point' - Mon May 12, 03:43 pm GMT
Euro Rises Above $1.16 to Four-Year-High - Mon May 12, 03:57 pm GMT
For Democrats, Dueling for Donors - Mon May 12, 02:54 am GMT
NRA to Seek Stay of Campaign Law Ruling - Mon May 12, 04:15 pm GMT
Times Says Former Reporter Committed Frequent Acts Of Fraud - Mon May 12, 03:40 pm GMT