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Saturday, May 03, 2003

Donnie Darko Graffiti They Made Me Do It  is a collective of artists emerging from the UK graffiti scene...The first project,  from which the collective and name originated, was based around  [Richard Kelly's]  film  Donnie Darko...with each artist producing a canvas in 6 hrs 42 min and 12 seconds inspired by the cult film...
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war Iraq With great fanfare President Bush declared yesterday that major combat operations are over in Iraq. Missed in that speech and probably little noticed by many is the fact that the most difficult part of the Iraq War has now started. Even Donald Rumsfeld has recently hinted that the UN may need to play a role now. Hopefully the administration will heed some of the many lessons from history like this one.
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Yee Fkn Ha Georgia high school has white only prom. ...dunno what else to say about that.
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Timely Reading: "The Book of Virtues" It's been a banner week for conservative hypocrisy. It started with the party of small government expressing loyalty to the...

Have You Heard The Neutral Word? Language Police Make Textbooks Bland Plastic::Media::Censorship: "Are these oversensitive times? Certainly one wonders after reading what is banned from textbooks nowadays."

French Toast Plastic::Work::Money: Amazingly, despite not even being in the American-led war with Iraq, France appears to be losing.

British Medical Journal : Scare Mongering About Pot NORML says "hogwash" to the new British Medical Journal "Scare Mongering" Editorial alleging that pot contributes to 30,000 deaths per...

Dixie Chicks Soar on New Tour The Dixie Chicks are soaring on their new tour. They are back in favor with the crowds....

Fickle bitches.

U.S. Hires Christian Extremists to Produce Arabic News Why and how did the Feds choose Grace Digital Media as the production house for a TV channel for Muslim Iraq? Nobody's telling.
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Bush's Top Gun Photo-Op The president's expensive, dangerous p.r. move ignores his, um, spotty record in the National Guard. Also by Corn: Postwar Truths and Consequences.
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Apple music store starts strong - analysts Apple music store starts strong - analysts
Forbes - Master showman and marketer extraordinaire Steve Jobs has about 250000 new reasons to be happy about Apple Computer, the company he co-founded in 1976 in his parents' California home.

That's the number of songs purchased and downloaded -- at 99 cents a pop -- on the first day of operation of Apple's online music store, according to record industry sources.

Fla. Weighs Fate of 2000 Election Ballots - Thu May 1, 06:22 am GMT
The Military Is the Message - Fri May 2, 04:15 am GMT

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Secrets of September 11
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the civics of history Welcome to 2003. A quiet Southern high school south of Atlanta once again holds seperate white and black proms. "I cried," said McCrary, who is black. "The black juniors said, 'Our prom is open to everyone. If you want to come, come.'"
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Change in George Gissing's New Grub Street Proceeding from the research of the good Franco Moretti, who has applied quantitative analysis to the potboilers of the 19th...
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Who owns a writer's creativity? More on the point-counterpoint essays, by myself and Eric Meyer, on a newspaper's ability to squelch an employer's personal weblog: Ed Cone writes: Meyer clearly holds weblogs in disdain. "Some of us concentrate on creating things of value, not opinion,...

What don't they want us to know? A news item from yesterday's MSNBC once again brings up the possibility of a 9/11-related conspiracy to hide information from...

Boy 'pregnant' with twin brother Tristan says: "News article describing a boy whose tumour turned out to be the foetus of his unborn brother. The foetus died but formed a tumour, which was covered in hair (and had some sign of bone growth and other stuff). Icky. Weird. Interesting?" Link Discuss


Sheryl Crow and Steve Jobs (Photo: Michael O'Neill)
Sheryl Crow and Steve Jobs
(Photo: Michael O'Neill)
Can Steve Jobs save the music industry?
- After checking it out, (Dr.) Dre had this to say: "Man, somebody finally got it right."
"This will go down in history as a turning point for the music industry," Jobs told FORTUNE. "This is landmark stuff. I can't overestimate it!"

Daniel Escobedo, plaintiff in landmark Supreme Court ruling, convicted of 1983 murder - Thu May 1, 04:17 pm GMT
Shop Owner Sentenced for Bali Bombing - Thu May 1, 04:31 pm GMT
Bush Signs Amber Alert Bill - Wed Apr 30, 07:29 pm GMT
U.S. Fumes Over Cuba's Seat on U.N. Rights Panel - Wed Apr 30, 11:53 pm GMT

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I am SO tired of studying, and still I have to take another exam tomorrow. After that, I will be free and you will hear more from me. Until then, I have provided you with bountiful scrapings of the web.
Karl Blossfeldt photogravure: it's Ultrareal German Objectivist photographer Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932) once said "the best constructions for industrial design have already been anticipated in nature." Do your eyes a favor and look here.
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Man on Dog Action I am happy to see that the GOP is expanding their reach to the more eclectic fringes of society. Although it may freak some other people out.
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Read it in Time.  Funny.
Illuminated Manuscripts Illuminated manuscripts are truly a joy to behold. And there are a remarkable number of them available on the web for your viewing pleasure. The most famous illuminated MS is the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. For galleries with multiple images, try the resources at DScriptorium, Web Gallery of Art, and the Leaves of Gold exhibition. Elyse Boucher's page is a work-in-progress detailing the history and methods of illuminating books, with both images and secondary sources; see also Sue Wood's Art and Books page.
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Educating reading is illuminating.  Taglines about educating reading are cheesy.  I'm going to go educate some more, now.
That Mexican shit is so choice ChoicePoint buys data on 65 million Mexicans. You might remember ChoicePoint as the company that provided the data to purge black "felons" from voting in Florida 2000. Welp, good news! We get another free lap around the track and all of our Latin American friends will be there to greet us in common victory. What a coup!
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Newspapers need more 'buzz' Associated Press via Yahoo!: Newspapers should "innovate in big, revolutionary ways" if they want to capture younger and light readers, says John Lavine of Northwestern University. Thanks to IWantMedia for the pointer....

Rip van Falwell Jerry Falwell awakes from two-month senescent slumber to criticize the Dixie Chicks: The Rev. Jerry Falwell called the Dixie Chicks...
Anything uttered by Jerry Falwell only furthers the opposite cause.
Axis Of Weasel Redux? Old Europe Gets Its Army On Plastic::Politics::Military: With copious avowals of wishing to uphold the NATO alliance, the leaders of France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg announced the formation of an alternate military structure in Europe.

Mobile phones hail London Cabs Beginning next week, London cellphone users will be able to hail cabs with a new mobile service:
The location-based service comes from an outfit called Zingo, which, incidentally is owned by MBH, the company that makes London's taxis. (...)When a punter calls Zingo from their mobile, location-based technology pinpoints where they are. At the same time, global positioning satellites identify Zingo taxis in the area that are free. Then, punters are automatically connected to an available cab driver in their area before the prospective passenger tells the cabbie exactly where they are. Bingo.
Link to Register story, Discuss, (via unwired list)

Dixie Chicks & Liberal Whine Doug MacEachern, writing for The Arizona Republic, has an interesting article about people who get shafted in the political fora for exercising their free speech rights and saying something stupid. Most recently, he notes, the Dixie Chicks have joined the whining party since their most unfortunate and not-very-wise comments about being ashamed of Bush because he was from Texas (as noted here). This was...
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Have been debating this all week with a noted tall military intellectual.
Legal Quote of the Day II ?If you look at the votes, we probably could have sustained a filibuster on Mr. Sutton. But we want to be selective. We want to be careful, we don?t want to abuse the practice of filibusters.? ?Tom Daschle, Senate Minority Leader, comments made immediately after yesterday?s announcement that his party plans to filibuster the nominations of Priscilla Owen and Charles Pickering...
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Richard Epstein Defends Affirmative Action In an opinion in the National Law Journal, Richard Epstein argues that affirmative action policies should be upheld, at least in the university setting. Although he thinks that such policies are unwise, he believes that: Th[e] principle of freedom of association [relied upon in the Boy Scouts case] should carry over with equal force to universities in deciding the composition of their faculty and...
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New tool monitors news groups for key words, names Lawyers who need to track when a company, Web site, product or name is discussed in Usenet newsgroups have a new tool they can use. NetNews Tracker is a bot that searches newsgroups twice each day for the phrases that you choose, then delivers new hits to you via e-mail.
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2002 saw lowest level of terrorism in more than 30 years - State Department The US State Department released its 2002 annual report on worldwide terrorism at a press briefing in Washington Wednesday. Speaking at the briefing, US Counter-terrorism Co-ordinator Ambassador Cofer Black summed up the findings:There were 199 international terrorist attacks during 2002.

Revoking the Attorney-Client Privilege: Lynne Stewart Case Invariably, the least sympathetic among us--the accused terrorists and the radical lawyers--are the first to lose basic rights. The rest of us follow. The Lynne Stewart case is a good example.

Boundary Issues

This quote from Justice Janice Rogers Brown's dissent in the Kasky v. Nike, Inc. case (PDF)?under review and argued last week before the U.S. Supreme Court; see SCOTUSBlog and How Appealing for comprehensive round-ups of the commentary?just caught my eye in a Daily Journal article:

[T]he commercial speech doctrine, in its current form, fails to account for the realities of the modern world?a world in which personal, political, and commercial arenas no longer have sharply defined boundaries.

Google's 6,000 hits for "cause marketing" and 85,000 for "social marketing," as well as many of the ideas in Gonzo Marketing, would seem to lend further support to Justice Brown's boundary blurring premise. The majority and two dissenting opinions in this case are well worth your time?and not just because you may be hungry for judicial references to Hogwarts.

Getting Ashcrofted Preemptive finger-printings, public video surveillance -- it's all part of the pattern of giving up rights for no reason at all.
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Canadian Prime Minister says pot soon to be decriminalized

Canadian Prime Minister says pot soon to be decriminalized
CBC Canada - Jean Chrétien drew applause and a few whoops of joy at a fundraising dinner Tuesday night when he said that legislation decriminalizing possession of marijuana in Canada would soon be announced.

"Don't start to smoke yet," he quickly cautioned the celebrants in the audience.
"We're not legalizing it, we're decriminalizing," said Chrétien who points out he has never smoked a joint.

Mass. high court dismisses clergy abuse lawsuit on statute of limitations grounds - Wed Apr 30, 04:04 pm GMT
Dollar Falls to Four-Year Low Against the Euro on Signs of Slowing Growth - Wed Apr 30, 03:30 pm GMT
Virginia enacts nation's toughest anti-spam law - Wed Apr 30, 03:53 pm GMT
Gun law triggers inquiries - Wed Apr 30, 03:52 pm GMT
Man sentenced to 24 years for North Fort Myers hotel standoff - Wed Apr 30, 04:19 pm GMT

U.S. Reviews N. Korean Nuclear Proposal - Mon Apr 28, 06:12 pm GMT


France warned of cold war - Tue Apr 29, 02:36 am GMT

Get.  A.  Life.  I'm sure the thought of America and the UK acting pissy towards the French will fill them with ennui.  Ahn-wee!

Mr. T Sues Best Buy For Allegedly Using His Likeness In Print Ads - Wed Apr 30, 04:18 pm GMT

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Just when you were ready to form a posse and come after Madpercolator for not reporting in a few days, she returns with this triumphant batch of posts and earnestly begging the reader's pardon for her tardiness. She offers the lamo-schlamo excuse that she was studying for Civil Procedure. Madpercolator Enterprises is still assessing the validity of the statement...
The Generation Gap The Generation Gap. How differently do you see the world from people born just 18 years ago?
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A new direction for Utne NY Times: A new direction for Utne. The bimonthly magazine is now focusing on printing more original material....

Easy Riders, Raging Bulls Comes To TV For the handful of readers who get the Trio Network on their cable systems, Easy Riders, Raging Bulls is well worth watching to learn what made the 1970s such a unique period for Hollywood.

Armageddon Nervous... Plastic::SciTech::Disaster: Is 'oops, my experiment has destroyed the Earth' straight out of the Mad Scientist chronicles?

Undocumented Workers In The Driver's Seat Plastic::Work::Law: ""Should states in the U.S. grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants? "

1 Pixel per meter Beautifully rendered site comparing the size of different large objects (Eiffel Tower, King King, Star Trek starship, etc.) on a scale of one pixel per meter. As much fun as the MegaPenny Project. Link Discuss (Thanks, Vanessa!)

Recommended Reference Websites The New York Public Library announced their annual Best of Reference list for 2003, which includes the following websites of...
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Patriot Act Changes: Redline Version Would you like to know the changes the Patriot Act of 2001 made to existing law with just a glance?...

Bush Names His Former Girlfriend to Recess Appointment Atrios reports that President Bush has used his recess appointment power to name his former girlfriend from his Harvard Business...

The Somebody Mystique and the Rise of the Uppity Nobody Robert Fuller's new book 'Somebodies and Nobodies' hopes to do for society's lower ranks what Betty Friedan did for women.
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A War on Enlightenment After more than a century of expansion of the concept that everybody deserves human rights, we now seem to be -- temporarily, at least -- slipping backwards.
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Increasing bad reports on the SARs outbreak.  Most pundits have claimed a ~4% mortality rate for the virus.  However, this is misleading given that it is the result of merely dividing the number of reported cases by the number of deaths to date.  A more accurate number derived from tracking SARs cases from onset to either recovery or death put the mortality rate at ~13%.  The numbers get worse when you consider the differences between the health care systems in the US and the rest of the world.  The US hasn't suffered any fatalities yet given a number of cases.  That means the mortality rate in China is significantly higher than the 13% number.  Anecdotal mortality rates in Beijing put the rate at 25%. 

As the population of Beijing flees to multiple locations throughout the country, we can expect the number of cases and the mortality rate rise (particularly in the north and west of China where the health care system is a bare-bones operation).  It could even be worse if it gets into North Korea where I doubt health care is even available to any but a very small percentage of the population.  There is even reason to suspect the virus could mutate like the flu or the common cold.  That means, that even if you had it once and got better, you could get it again and again in the future.

Planned Parenthood Tells Senate to Stop the Court Stacking - Mon Apr 28, 04:03 pm GMT
European Rift Deepens - Mon Apr 28, 03:40 pm GMT
Supreme Court declines to take Internet jurisdiction case - Mon Apr 28, 03:38 pm GMT
Supreme Court Denies Appeal Over Privacy of Abortion Records - Mon Apr 28, 03:59 pm GMT

Monday, April 28, 2003

Right in Their Face: College Republicans Rally in Berkeley - Sun Apr 27, 12:15 pm GMT
North Korea Presents Dilemma for U.S. - Sun Apr 27, 07:33 pm GMT
Badmouthing Bush's Chances - Mon Apr 28, 02:37 pm GMT
Inaccuracies among media chalked up to embedding, `fog of war' - Mon Apr 28, 02:47 pm GMT
The Media Column: 'Cheerleading did dominate the US networks. But it's not the whole story' - Mon Apr 28, 03:15 pm GMT